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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    many thanks for the new Hybrid NN version. I was reading and ching up with all the developments, am I right in stating that Hybrid NN is the amalgamation of the logic Evolution and Revolution along with the No Nedge code added? I'll be putting up Rev NN 1.2 TE this week, and I'll load Hybrid NN as soon as I can. I have got some evaluations finishing up shortly so I'll have some more space on my VPS, and I will give them a spin.
    That is correct.

    Hybrid has been compiled off of the better ideas of Both - Evolution Revolution - with the NN Logic in place.

    The Triggering, more leaning towards Evolution, the logic range off of Revolution and the Double filtering off of the daily trend removed.

    This can make them somewhat less conservative but need to enhance the tradeable range.

    ie - More Risk=More Reward.

    In theory. . .anyways...

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    The Best Chance of a Homeostatic Median Trading EA...

    Yeah, it Is from the tester.. .but it's not 70 fucking webpages of unique settings...

    it is a sample of the true logic as was created.

    Homeostatic Median Trading!!

    Very Kewl!

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    1 last point to mention about Hybrid NN...I've typed in the market into a longer look and as a result of the less restrictive trade ideology of the new trader, it can actually be applied to a M5 chart. . .due to logic limitations, M5 is probably the longest chart it will exchange on.

    Might not be that valuable, but it is a beginning...

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    The pictures below are self explanatory. Overview of the Revolution and Evolution trading
    - I shifted to sum beginning
    - I really do daily check of ADR movements to correct the measure
    - All on M1 (The ADR adjustments will help restrict the trades)

    Evolution 1.1 / 35 days / 18%
    - 6 pairs
    - Step increased to 200 to give room for piling

    Revolution NN.1 / 22 days / 8.2 percent / Live and in crimson
    - Reduced to 16 pairs
    - Step increased to 150

    Revolution NN.2
    - Same as NN.1

    I just set up Hybrid NN in my VPS
    - same configurations as NN.1
    - 14 pairs (selected according to WTR:ATR ratio)

    For pairs the WTR:ATR is between 1.5 - 2.7
    - Using this information, I know the max range for each pair
    - With the introduction of median filter, I know the range where the EA will trade
    - By applying the ratio of the range, I can better control the amount of trades it takes place
    - If I find that the ratio is increasing, I increase the measure accordingly to decrease the max amount of trades possible. At least I am only trading from both sides of the median (1/2 the range).

    To use this in a live environment, you should understand what it is doing or it'll blow off the account immediately. From time to time, I take it off pairs that have cleaned the table to permit room for other pairs to trade. Especially when quantity of complete trades has surpassed 100.

    BTW I watched the Hybrid NN trade offline today. It's cool. Job . Please that time frame median did you apply for both Rev NN and Hybrid NN?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Mr. , is the EA limited for Live trading? I analyzed your RevNN.1.2 at micro acc where is min. lot 0.10 and suffix (e.g. EURUSD.) Regrettably none commerce opened for more than a week - without any errors in expert. Thank you for answer.

    If on anything aside from that, you most likely won't ever observe a transaction.

    There is no limitations and no expiry on anything released within this thread.

    If you're still experiencing issues, place your log files and I can check shit out from this aspect.

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    2 New Trade Explorers added, taken away the 2 broken ones.

    Going to Begin off these with the Magic 7 pairs, M1, Default Settings.


    One has another trigger built into the Hybrid EA.

    Although I'm not completely convinced that this is demanded, it may assist in the price time and averaging in trade.

    Exit logic is the same. . .so, we should have a true contrast for the worthiness of a supplemental trigger instead of just the hybrid NN logic.

    I'll be off for most of next week. . .doing a bit traveling, some from town responsibilities and business.

    Will be checking in, however limited in any sort of analysis...

    Have a Great Week!

    Good Luck in your testing and trading!

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    thanks for the new Hybrid NN variant.

    I was reading and ching up with the developments, am I right in stating that Hybrid NN is an amalgamation of this logic Evolution and Revolution together with the No Nedge code added?

    I'll be setting up Rev NN 1.2 TE this week, and I'll load Hybrid NN as soon as I can. I've got some evaluations finishing up shortly so I'll have some more space in my VPS, and that I can give these a spin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Please that time period median did you apply for the two Rev NN and Hybrid NN?
    The TF for Rev filtering is off the M5.

    For Hybrid, it is off of the H1.

    Both view the Homeostatic median range away from the weekly.

    Issue is, due to signal tripping, Revolution won't trade in anything other than an M1. . .Hybrid will trade off of the M5, but triggering logic on the initial release may leave some big holes in spacing...

    I do need a longer version of the NN logic, but believe that this may still ultimately need be applied to the faster frames. Reason?

    We can expand tripping, like along with your analysis for Market Range and that I will always extend the depart logic to unique ideas of profitability and dynamic ranges...

    put on the frames that are longer, it is a lot more challenging to employ pattern recognition.

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    So I removed the Evo 1.1 M5 test. M5 was not doing as well as I had believed, and it was holding more DD than on M1, without really any additional profits, so for me its been confirmed that these EA's work much better on M1 charts based from my evaluations.

    With 1 additional slot available on my VPS I've loaded Rev NN 1.2 on a new $1k account trading using 5 pairs using amount start lot. This is supposed to be an interesting test.

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