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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Yes most pairs that they are, so you are most likely perfect. My thinking is that places will shut for $1 anyway, so does it really matter if they have to travel several extra pips to arrive? So in the event that you could can shut out the very same positions nearly just as fast, you'd be better away. Of course if tight spreads signifies we can shut out 4 positions for each 3 the wide spread account closes out then we are back to being flat like you state.
    That is why it would be worth giving a shot. . .doing the calculations manually, with a bend in spread and mad shit at roll over. . .really hard to tell which way things goes.

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    Some useable fucking DATA on those!!

    Revolution, Evolution 1.1 and Evolution NN were changed around to Summ Start - significance. . .they add to the preceding position.

    The idea behind doing this was to see that of the logic could predominate over EXTREME conditions.

    Now. . .it appears like we've got our winner - Revolution!

    Revolution includes a secondary code inside it to be a little more competitive in counter tripping. This has included in additional places, but has also allowed the bend in market to keep the DD well under control.

    Where Revolution is operating on 19 pairs the Evolutions on only 7. . .pretty easy to see and state $155 in the shitter is a lot less than the $2064 and $1668 on the Evolutions.

    Here is the thing...

    We could not go flat out with all of the very same pairs on the Regular model of Revolution as we maxed out the 200 trade threshold of their very brokers in less than two months. . .we would not want to go with only the exact same magic 7 pairs on the NN variant, because the profit, though steady, might make picking bottles in ditches more appealing...


    To sum up...

    LSE, killer EA. I have bumped on lots with up this to .03 and $3 profit. . .figured we were close enough to that subsequent 100 percent that it would be worth a shot.
    Revolution NN. . .can run very well with Fixed Start or Summ Start and continue to churn the cash. . .risk is the sole consideration under summ start and adding in additional lots for Fixed with a broader profit may be the way to go. Together with the Filter Added in the current edition, and on a lesser risk account, this motherfucker is GOLD!

    From starting with this particular tripping thought, some 10 weeks ago. . .finally at a place to begin improving?

    Still the daily filter to fall into Evolution and get released. . .got this started a couple weeks ago, hopefully polish off it over the weekend.

    And then. . .testing through Christmas!


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    Alright.. .so that I may have cheated this a bit. . .but seriously...

    60 days at .01 with a $1 profit to double account. Doubled the lot size and profit and it took another 30 days to get to. . .well, fine, just short of 200 percent

    And really, I just cheated by like 2 days...

    Lot size .03 and profit 3...

    Will we see that the subsequent 100% add in 15 days?

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    Made out like a fucking BANDIT just the dragon last night.

    It wasn't cheap. . .but was FUCKING AWESOME!

    Mad Price Grow into London Open, leaving a Enormous retail difference. Shorted and with the help of a logic specific. . .closed close to 300 pips!

    Sure. . .there was a modest pant shitting going on, but will be sporting a few silkies by end of the weekend together with the profits from this motherfucker independently!!

    All While watching this...I had any ideas about Revolution and it is Trade Logic...


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    Loon was another paydirt vehicle now, though, regrettably, I missed exiting one place to allow this to rise. . .to hit profit of this GMO60 before me being able to achieve this and consequently exited for 80 pips. . .Net on Loon this past week. . .bout a buck and a half...

    Good fucking Score.

    There is definitely something to the use of this GridMeOut logic that could genuinely help tend...

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    Not an whole fantastic near the week. . .however...

    In my micro - Fuck About - Account...I was playing the other GMO idea.

    Fairly Aggressive and you have to maybe add this to some longer than M1 chart and maybe just look at enough pairs your account size and margin may manage...


    The concept is solid and could possibly be married to one of my others for trend to counter-trend trading. . .again. . .longer time frame. . .less pairs. . .more funds. . .will be testing.

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    Evolution and Revolution - No Nedge...

    The idea on the trading to a Homeostatic Market Median Remains ROCK fucking SOLID!


    When writing in the No-Nedge Logic, we've noticed the failures of the, as employed to Evolution...somewhat less.

    When originally coding the traders, they had been put to directionally trade. . .if you have a look at the achievement of Evolution - 200 percent earnings in 90 days. . .easy to see we are doing something right. . .right?


    When dropping in the No-Nedge, as implemented to Revolution Takes a separate from fashion logic to keep it in the good books. I am not a fan of the, even though it has been demoned to be quite successful..in wicked ranges on goofy pairs, this motherfucker could spell ultimate demise for any account.

    Both Evolution and Revolution NN models are still set to just initiate a cause when they're in proper cycle trend and trade towards market. The problem with this is. . .this produces a really narrow trading range which has actually caused the EA to begin tripping over it's own nuts resulting in disaster on Evolution NN (with the incremental increase)...


    The logic works in trend. . .falters from fashion and can get hung by the balls in intense situations.

    Ergo. . .the bug within this idea is that since we are trading towards a target, we all know we can hit. . .why wait for true several sequencing on trend to work backward?

    I think I will take ideas from both of the NN's. . .drop it into a hybrid. . .throttle back the sensitivity. . .and eliminate the Revolution from fashion trigger.

    I understand...I'm supposed to keep in mind focus and have a couple of EAs which are far past guaranteed dates. . .but I believe that this one is going to jump line combined with one basic thought for your GMO concept...

    Must have some time this weekend and already stocked up with all the weekend provisional suds.

    Time to get fucking HAMMERED and Harness into Creativity!

    Enjoy your weekend!!


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    GMO - Trend60...

    So.. .the idea for this, which may be obvious from the pic...

    Is that instead of using a price, it utilizes time and is specific to criteria...

    Looking at it..rather than buying as price slides against it. . .it triggers into the primary and looks to reevaluate the range for profit.

    This really is among those altered version trades it created...I had been altering code with almost every trigger for a while, just to get it to do exactly what I wanted it to do...

    Overall. . .it does have potential, but again, seeing this on an M1 and particularly in the event that you fire this motherfucker up in shallow waters, could get you into some serious issues.

    Anyways. . .this is simply a sneak a peak at the idea.

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    Not sure what I was looking at or working on when I composed Evolution NN. . .some pretty fucking wild ideas written into that motherfucker...

    Main model of Hybrid NN written and testing at Strat Tester to make sure tripping is accurate.

    From Many indiors. . .which isn't live testing...I believe with the Hyrbrid, we could improve the triumph rate and the average transaction value.

    This will help compensate for fewer transactions and less overall Draw Down.

    If all goes well, will have this fucker submitted tonight!

    You've got the Whole weekend to Backtest your heart out and NOT POST BACKTEST RESULTS IN MY THREAD!

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    Hybrid NN V1 HERE

    I think you will really like this one...

    Okay...I'm half in the bag.. .but I fuck'n love you man...

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