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Thread: Lost Sock Evolution - Automated

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    Yet another ticket for the series!

    Could always use a little more information...

    If you work with Renko or Range bars and are considering analyzing Revolution. . .drop down a response here.

    Would really like to get a looksie to affirm these ideas will interpret!

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    Fat like me?

    A Fantastic watch. . .click about the author link, a lot of great information!

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    Loaded up a new $5000 demo account running 20 pairs together with Revolution.

    The TE could be found in my profile.

    Allow the fun begin!

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    The 1 problem that's crossed my mind with trading 17 and 19 pairs on this...

    If shit starts to get heavy, across the board, and a broker max trades is limited at 200 trades. . .that's really only 10-12 trades per pair.

    Fingers crossed for the time being. . .hate to find that the accounts become caught in a deadlock that is fucking!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Loaded up a new $5000 demo account running 20 pairs together with Revolution. The TE can be seen in my profile. Allow the fun begin!

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    So...I bet you could be asking yourself why choose vibrant as a tester for the ribbon and for revolution...

    Actually. . .energetic never replied to the original request for Revolution but was hand-picked...



    Without guys like energetic, supporting whatever lunacy I come up with, I would have quit this shit a long time ago!

    In the event that you ever want to see dediion, commnt, and among those good guys here in FF. . .subscribe to my guy Energetic!

    Really, he's somebody, I subscribe to be like!

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    List and an thread shape me in FF!



    What an incredible Crew!!

    These attempts were just seconded with the opportunity to learn from Sergien and itinerant .

    See how a lot of these guys are still kick'n it!

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    Going through the old thread and some old emails...

    My market discovery into the idea of Trade Range and Indior Range dynamics!

    What a fucking ride it has been!

    I do not recall all the names and faces. . .to all of those that helped me out at the first days...a big thanks to all that you have lent!


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    Not a great start. . .but it is a start!

    And critically...

    No fucking Renko/Range pub traders at the home??

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