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    Killing off TMA - After half a year.

    It did nicely - until the New Year Trend. . .still shutting down with the current DD.

    The New Triggering logic from Revolution will work nicely with this Core, but will see how the Revolution functions with current.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am going to test 10 pairs using default lot at TF 1 min. This is my trade explorer lively's Profile @ forexintuitive
    Added your Revolution trader to the thread. . .for whatever reason, I cannot select 2 of my own accounts...

    Thank you for the post, dude!


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    So, why $200 a pair, you might be asking??

    Why not just $200 and operate one pair??

    It's like that. . .working using Evolution, I have observed a DD of around $1100, operating on 7 pairs - Giving a Max Requirement of $150 ish - thus far!!

    Because Revolution shows a little more restraint in logic, $200 should more than keep the accounts afloat in just about any market condition. . .Almost!
    But. . .with revealing restraint, there might be a lot larger gaps between transactions which need to be cost. . .meaning. . .though we should up to an account operate fast and a market trend change, there could be a lot of transactions in play due to being aggressive.

    Triggering seems to be correct in the Strat Tester, but shit can change FAST when comes time to live trading.

    Now. . .part of the achievement in Evolution is since it can be a little more competitive meaning that it is going to increase the profitability. . .but in this, in addition, it increases the risk.

    I understand. . .simple, right...

    Add more money to your live account and only bank the gains...

    And. . .yeah, this can definitely be done. . .can already be carried out using Evolution, but the concept is to potentially have a larger lot size in trade on smaller accounts...

    Again. . .looking at what is available for up and running grid traders, a number of them will be profitable with $5k in. . .but having worked with Martingale or lot Cost Averaging, I will tell you that a single day can turn your account . . .and your broker will not even send you a Thank You Email.

    Safety First!

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    Aggressive Cost Averaging!

    For those that were about the Falling Knives thread, you understand that I had at one point, added in a Hyper Aggressive Triggering logic which would function to price average out - directionally.

    Well. . .this worked but over the long term. . .ended up with accounts in ash and a lot too easy to overload single pairs in exchange locking the account at typically 200 trades, which are currently running FAST against youpersonally, with no ability to maintain on a hedge...

    With previous logic, the Sum of All trades required to be above a minimal profit point to shut out. . .this was a part of the issue...

    What if we now have a separate - Make or Break Bot - which can stand set up to hammer fucking trades on a per pair basis to help get shit cleaned up??

    Given that the Current Core will probably require sums of trades above a minimal balance to shut out the worst positions, getting aggressive with this, may actually make a lot more sense...

    Moving to fuck about with this thought over the next short period of time and if I could get triggering set properly and produce an idea that works. . .may look to bring this into the thread tools.

    Really. . .as long since the Magic Number from the EA that is hyper-close is just like current and active trades. . .logic should continue to rapid fire to save trade EA or any grid.



    But. . .effectively calculated, might be the difference between getting an account or gradually watching it die a horrible death.

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    Ya see. . .it may be EASY as tripping until trades get closed to flooding and directionally only using place. . .and then, it stops working!

    Check it...

    two Areas where we have potential to price average out. . .and you can see where the trades have been shut out by a number of the positions. . .but there is nevertheless a fist full of these motherfuckers available...

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    Earlier on in the thread, we looked in coding and one particular case. . .applied directionally.

    Inserted Code if((b==0 if((s==0
    These are the principal triggers...

    By removing these, we could only use the...

    Inserted Code if(bgt;0 if (sgt;0
    Meaning, there must be open trades in order to participate the hyper triggering. . .if all of these motherfuckers are closed. . .the logic will not know to take a trigger and you could be able to sit back. . .wipe the sweat off your forehead and you not only live to fight another day. . .but have a couple of extra shekels from the account...

    It's a neat idea. . .to be sure, but will have to have criteria with sufficient grid distance and set to not always trigger waves of trades. . .by leaving positions that are rogue !

    That may be dangerous!

    Will definitely need some ponder time with this thought and can see what can be done. . .but I think this idea has well and potential. . .why not giver a whirl, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hey dude, Looks like you got lost in the shuffle. . .given your new position, I cannot send you a PM... Give the current version a whirl for acclimated..get some posts under your belt and we'll get you in on a few of the next rounds. If all works out using the Testers revolution wills be running . . .we're only a couple weeks away from full public release. Thanks for the interest and Welcome to FF!
    Yep seems so! I have been a Lurker for about a year, but never bothered to establish an account, guess that will teach me! I'll give the current version a go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Yep seems so! I've been a Lurker for probably around a year, but never bothered to set up an account, guess that'll teach me! I'll offer the current version a go.

    1. With this kind of patience, you'll be better off in market...
    2. If it sounds too good to be true. . .it probably is...

    There'll be lots of ops to become in. . .and really I could email you if you submitted an addy. . .but should caution you on this.

    I did this about 8 years back and have been receiving nothing but ads for Russian Ladies and Penis Enlargement products. . .which brings me to my next point...

    Anybody interested in a group buy on some of this shit??


    Cheers dude. . .hope to keep seeing you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Additional your Revolution trader to the thread. . .for whatever reason, I cannot pick 2 of my accounts... Thank you for the article, dude! \m/
    Changed shit up a little...

    Since lively has been running Evolution because a public release and running it on the very same pairs. . .it indies a confirmation of trading.

    Because my Revolution trader has a lot more pair data, might be more prudent to have this as a showcase.

    Win. . .lose. . .or draw...

    Significant for all to comprehend risk:reward.

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