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    I still have no fucking idea why you people pay more attention to my diet guie compared to do to my trading...

    It almost makes me believe thatforexintuitiveis filled with FAT successful traders...


    However, you're here. . .let's move!

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    Being on your house scale, are 2 very different things!

    Assembling your ideal body predied on a number is BULLSHIT!

    Fuck. . .let's push this envelope...

    Construction your ideal body predied on ANYBODY BUT YOU - IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!

    Give some respect to people that do this shit for a living, at the same way, you SHOULD into a successful trader who trades for a living.


    You Fat. . .out of contour. . .wanna lose a few pounds and feel better?

    Concentrate on that!

    Not exactly what anybody else says...

    THROW AWAY YOUR SCALE and allow your pant size function as manual!!

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    Dafuq's that imply??

    This means. . .you are totally free to be a much better version of YOU!

    Body mass scales are BULLSHIT...
    Scales are BULLSHIT!

    IF/When you can look in the mirror and believe you look better, you've succeeded!

    No. . .it's not simple, but a few guidelines and I bet marbles, cash or chalk, it is a fuck heap easier than you thought!

    Are you going to start?


    The same reco I made on your Valentine's night (read back in this thread) will be your beginning!

    No. . .not only based on better sex, that is actually and just a by-product...

    Wait, whut?

    Start with better sex and move into a better body?

    Sounds crazy, but. . .Yep. . .that's the deal.

    More to follow...

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    Oh.. .and I know what you are thinking...



    Got a couple of things you can do, without having to spend a buttload of money, without giving some of your hard earned cash, which will help make you progressively closer to your goals.

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    I am going to test 10 pairs using default lot at TF 1 min.
    This is my trade explorer
    's Profile @ forexintuitive

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I understand... You are thinking. . .Commercial!! And, who'd fucking blame you??? Not me! So... To dispell this rumor or myth... For the first 5 people to show me a NEW ACCOUNT using a link for their forexintuitive Trade Explorer(about the account you will be starting this with), which can run an EA using their current resources...I'll email you a copy! No limitations. No Cost. No Expiry Date... Your thoughts on commerce pairs, market range, time frame and you must keep the connection live for seeing! Demo Accounts ONLY! $200 deposit/pair! The more pairs we found, the more...
    PMs are shut. . .testers are chosen off contact and I've reached out to some other of the regulars.

    Anticipating a Great Week!!

    Bring the Revolution!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote PMs are shut again. . .testers are chosen off contact and I've reached out to some other of those regulars. Anticipating a Great Week!! Bring the Revolution!
    Damn saw your article too late about new testers for Revolution.

    I'll be watching and after a long!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Regrettably I didnt get the chance
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Damn saw your post too late about new testers for Revolution. I'll be watching and following a long!
    Check your PMs.

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    One point - to get Revolution Testers...

    You will still need to have the TMA CG indior to conduct this version.

    Be sure it's on your indiors folder or you will see zero transactions.

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