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    The big question!!

    It's Saturday Night. . .my time. . .what the fuck are you folks doing hanging out at FF, studying my weight loss bullshit?


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    During February, I've tried to focus on Eating 5000 calories every day!


    Why undergo a water fast or an entire month of just eating a single meal per day to lose weight...

    And Then!!

    Eat like a complete fucking pig?


    Did it. . .still doing. . .and. . .still hammering the beer back...

    More fucking calories??

    This is crazy. . .right?

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    So here is the divergence from Trading to Losing Weight...

    You can in fact consume more Calories and keep on with improving your overall body, whereas you can't continue to lose money and think that your trading is becoming better.

    Anabolic vs Catabolic...

    When you are Anabolic you can't be Catabolic - And Vice Versa...

    This is a general guideline to live by!

    You can find exceptions, but FUCK. . .that's like pissing up a rope!

    Anabolic - You're building muscle
    Catabolic - You're breaking down muscle

    Pretty simple. . .you can't be constructing and tearing down in precisely the same time...

    When you consume less calories, you are abolic. . .when you overconsume. . .supposedly, you are anabolic. . .but this really merely equates to Muscle.

    So. . .if you are eating fucking garbage food. . .you profit weight. . .but are not building muscle.
    If consequently, you are eating fucking garbage food, but are in a calorie deficit. . .your reduction is muscle loss...

    Your profits can literally be declines as everything you consume is to build muscle - improve your physique, or to lose weight and increase the size of your stomach.

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    IF it is this complied. . .no wonder why there is a International Obesity Issue!!
    (yeah I know there are exceptions to this)

    Eat longer. . .get fat...
    Eat more. . .get a better body...
    Eat less. . .lose weight...
    Eat. . .gain more body fat!

    Just how fucking confusing can things get?

    Seriously. . .Forex is a lot more easy to understand!!

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    So.. .when I realized I was fat. . .seeing sparkles when I tied my shoes...

    I was tipping the scales at about 240lbs.

    Dear Christ - That's on the verge of morbidly obese!

    I drank copious amounts of beer and ate what I needed to!


    shed weight. . .171.6!
    Maintain 175.5...


    I drink copious amounts of beer and eat anything I want!

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    I understand what you're thinking...

    Dude just eats Vegetables!


    Pick the combination of vegetables that you would eat or need to eat to reach 5000 calories a fucking day!

    Invite me to one of the meals, I'd love to see anyone even try this!

    IM Fucking POSSIBLE!

    Or. . .really, unlikely...I've been amazed until...

    Yeah...I do not try to eat 5000 calories daily on vegetables and in fact, I do not even try to count my vegetable calories within my daily consumption...

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    Shift your thoughts to Atkins or Ketogenic!



    But...I'm not bogged down gallons of butter and coconut oil. . .not eating Bacon each meal...

    I'm really aware of what I am eating and do try to consume, what my body needs...

    In this. . .there is another balance...

    Nope. . .not with sugars, fruits and breads. . .simply being, I don't eat some of that shit!

    Oh...I understand. . .there are purists amongst us and refuse to feel these are the enemies. . .and to some of you, I agree - 100%!

    You see...I do believe exactly the same things can be achieved under a Vegan or Vegetarian diet - This really, just isn't the diet for me!

    And Yes - I've tried!

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    Once I removed my primary gastrinal problems, I watched a documentary called Fat, Sick and Dead.

    Joe suffered from a lot of problems and managed to cure this and an obesity problem by ingesting Juiced vegetables and fruits.

    After watching this. . .next day I went out and purchased the juicer along with a few hunny values of veg n fruit!

    Tried this thought. . .even handled 10 times of a juice diet and I tell ya what...

    you'll never be as scared to Fart for any duration of time, like you will on a Juice Fast!

    Dear Fucking Christ!!

    If you would like to torture yourself, I highly recommend this, even above Niacin...

    But. . .you'd best be getting used to wearing saran wrapped shorts or carrying multiple pairs to get through this!


    In the end. . .it totally fucks you!

    Your body drops its BMR, so when you return to a regular diet. . .you gain all of the weight back...

    worse. . .if you go through a 30 day. . .just attempt eating solid food!

    Fuck THAT!!


    My takeaway from it. . .My body may live from fluids for a predetermined length of time. . .which eventually lead me to a Water Quickly and all of the benefits of it!

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    Goes like this...

    I drank the worst tasting shit on Earth in self-juiced vegetables for 10 days!

    Felt like SHIT throughout the entire thing, to the point I would have eaten a gun as fast as I would have eaten a cheeseburger, and I fucking LOVE cheeseburgers!

    I had my first meal - Following the 10 day fast - and felt like I was donkey kicked in the gut, was laid out for two days afterwards!

    Alright. . .so then what?

    So...I am a pattern guy...I study markets...I compose EAs. . .the body is nothing more than a pattern, right?


    Anyways. . .along the Atkins/Keto idea...I decided to do exactly the exact same thing, but using protein!

    Welp. . .Decided via a schedule that is working and to give this a whirl, only consuming protein replacements managed to allow it to 4 days that are full.

    Given the induction back to whole foods and a few family issues (dying parent), didn't wish to push the envelope!

    So. . .after 4 times. . .back to foods. . .Fuck. . .was this simple!

    Figured I would give this a try and after that, leap completely into Keto/Velocity/Low Calorie - and see how it went!

    5 times down - Consuming ONLY my maintenance calories on protein - 600 calories daily - lept into one meal per day, subsidized by protein shakes and went on for two months!

    Welp. . .it's like this...

    Protein shakes suck Donkey Dick!

    If you're able to manage them for daily. . .you are a king!
    If they're your only real meal daily, and you continue a couple of days. . .you are a GOD!

    Using them to attempt to keep maintenance protein per day and trying to keep calories to 600/day, for a few months. . .GOD HELP YOU!

    However...I did it!

    And. . .lost 50 pounds...

    During this time in. . .lost the craving for sweets, carbohydrates and shit food in general.

    Enjoyed each morsel of food I absorbed and handled nicely into Beer Drinking Season!

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