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    I have unshackled the Revolution and'm lauching it on 19 pairs...

    below precisely the exact same premise, this is a better mousetrap, but might still leave room for advancement...


    $200 equity/pair...
    Conservative Gridding...
    Could not earn bank Every Week...
    But will probably be a regular market ATM!


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    Of course it is a Evaluation Account!

    Will have to verify tripping in reside before a live launching...

    But following that's golden. . .will add it.

    Perhaps not the speediest gainer. . .but the amount of Risk.

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    I know...

    You Are thinking.. .Commercial!!

    And, who'd fucking blame you???

    Not me!


    To dispell this rumor or fantasy...

    For your first 5 people to show me a NEW ACCOUNT with a link for their forexintuitive Trade Explorer(about the account you'll be launching this with), that may run an EA with their current funds...I will email you a copy!

    No restrictions.
    No Price Tag.
    No Expiry Date...

    Your thoughts on commerce pairs, market range, time period and you have to keep the link live for viewing!

    Demo Accounts ONLY!
    $200 deposit/pair!
    The more pairs we launch, the more people know jointly!
    Timeframe, Renko, Range. . .point n figure. . .you pick!

    Oh yeah...

    Opened my PMs for this particular...

    Please send via PM!



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    When is the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror?

    Perhaps you have packed that shit in, and only go with. . .whatever?

    There is no huge secret to both feeling and being more handsome. . .best part about it. . .it's totally free!

    I have spent some time googling and working on what others need to market. . .being all short fat n bald wouldn't I?
    Who actually does not wish to see a better version of themselves in the mirror?

    Well. . .let me tell ya...

    That feeling and being does not come from a pill bottle, book, or site subscription.

    Sure. . .they can help, but conserve your CASH!

    Yup...I do take supplements, but they are not The Answer, but they do help.

    So. . .how?

    Well...I've got some history. . .suffered by a lot of items, but most of the, overconsumption.

    I tell ya. . .my biggest problems is that I have!

    Imagine yourself. . .or if you are already here. . .feeling like each meal is Christmas or Thanksgiving!

    You eat to your absolute MAX and feel like a bag of shit after. . .and then. . .you nevertheless feel hungry!

    What the Absolute Fuck is up with that?

    Never occurred as a child. . .was fairly wellbeing prior. . .why currently?
    Is it because I got older?


    There is a lot of things that happen to your body as you age, and in fact, only aging is considered a disorder, by some!
    As in. . .aging should have the ability to be treated...

    Now. . .this isn't exactly true, but as you move on with life, you do not need to feel worse.

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    You visit...

    As you age, certain metabolic changes happen, and that's inevitable...

    Like growth...

    You live a mature lifetime to 90 years old, do you really want to be growing taller, that whole time?

    I mean seriously, clothes - that keep you looking good - are not cheap. . .could you imagine the number of places you'd have to buy if you chose to rise after 18?
    (and not in the waistline)

    we've got a body that has developed over thousands of years to be quite a smart entity.

    While your brain might not think that way, your body has an autopilot that has progressed throughout development. Meaning. . .it's a lot smarter than you are by being subjected to a lot more information.

    The information it functions with is - a feeling for wellbeing and survival.

    If you feel hungry, your body tells you this and you feel the need to eat, and do so.
    If you're FAT and hungry, your body still participates being hungry as a portion of survival, also informs you that you need to eat...

    Well, fuck!

    How's a fella shed a few pounds?

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    Simple, right?

    Eat less, move more!


    Yeah, drop your calorie intake and get more exercise!

    But. . .if that's all there was to this, why are so a lot of people FAT and out of shape?

    Simply speaking. . .eat less and move more. . .is a complete failure!


    Again. . .your body has a mind of its own and thinks a different manner depending on the info that it's getting. . .it likes to believe that it is more economical than you are!

    Ya ever watch that show, Biggest Loser?

    An whole show on how fat people work together as a group to drop weight. . .great premise, and people do the - eat less and move more - and - lose incredible amounts of weight. . .so it works. . .right?


    That show has been on the air for several years and hasn't completed a Reunion episode. . .ya know. . .to show how fat people became skinny and then moved onto their ideal weight and live happily ever after...

    Wonder why?


    They all got fat again!


    True story...

    They all sign NDAs to be about the show, and if they get fat again, their non-disclosure arrangement prohibits them from talking about it. . .and so. . .they CAN'T!

    But. . .some have...

    And guess what?

    They've confirmed they're fat! A few, fatter than were before!!

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    Yeah...I know exactly what your saying. . .once a pig, always a pig...

    Or, they dropped off the program...
    Or, they got Lazy...

    and a few of the is not totally untrue!


    There's strong reason around it and strong reason around the fact that people who got fat, never dropped off of this program...


    Yeah. . .that's how this shit works. . .remember. . .your body has a mind of its own and is actually working against you once you proceed to shed a couple pounds...

    What, why and how?

    Ya see, it is like that...

    You have something called a body set weight. Your body continues to thrive under the circumstances and has an idea of what's happening it is used. . .like your mind would in almost any circumstance. . .but your body understands this partly by bulk - ie. What you weigh...

    So. . .you shed a couple of pounds on a diet program. . .you fit into trousers. . .you feel great. . .life is good. . .AND THEN!

    You get the weight back. . .and include pounds. . .nothing fits. . .you feel like shit!

    What the fuck happened?

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    Well.. .it's like this...

    with your Body Set Weight ( that your body is accustomed to being), in addition, it maintains an notion about what is necessary to maintain this, by human metabolic rate - BMR.

    Meaning what??


    It's like that. . .every product you look at, has a Nutritional Value and a lot of this is measured on a basic diet of 2000 litres daily...


    What the fuck is that anyhow???

    Well. . .it's like that...

    In case you were completely immobile, in a coma or just inactive, then your body still needs energy - by means of calories - to operate. Your brain, lungs, heart. . .need energy!

    If you are moving. . .they call for a lot more!

    But. . .for the typical Schelb, you need 2000 calories simply to function.

    Alright. . .good. . .easy to understand?

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    So.. .products place their worth on there, to try and sell you to their worth.

    And. . .it totally makes sense. . .if you're wanting to consume 2000 calories per day, you can easily spreadsheet your way to keeping your weight.


    What happens when you want to Shed Weight?


    Eat Less and Move More!


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