Why professionals quotonlyquot make ~30% anually
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Thread: Why professionals quotonlyquot make ~30% anually

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    First please excuse me for being innocent.

    It is generally accepted that the worlds best/most successsful traders pull around say 30 - 60% profits on any ordinary (great ) year.

    Now on to my real question: When most people come to Currency Market they imagine substantial profits, in excess of 1000 percent profits, which I agree can be pretty far fetched to achieve consistently, but is it really that impossible for someone with a smaller account to achieve much higher than 30% consistently with the ideal plogy and cash management?

    What I am trying to say is people with huge accounts (10 million ) of course have enough money to live very well without having to trade consistently. They can take 3 months off and go visit the bahama's, they don't have to make money, and they don't have to risk much money whatsoever to pay the monthly bills and also have lots of spending money left . Even one good trade weekly could easily encourage them and their families. Why in the world would they risk say 4% of their account at any particular time, and be struck by a losing streak that could take them out say 15 percent of their account? They just don't have to take the risk, 30% gains are more than enough to live from and compound.

    A trader with an account of say $10,000, who eventually wants to exchange for a living, well when they earn 30% per year, that's $3,449 profit compounded, not enough to live on whatsoever. With the ideal mindset and cash management is it that uncommon for a good and constant trader to turn that $10,000 into $40,000 per year, 400% profit (with compounding). Of course there is a higher chance of going bankrupt, is exactly what I am contemplating really not possible?

    Of course this is all just hypothetical, just wondering, what exactly are your thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The real secret of life: Detect what beginners do, adapt that style and replace 1 thing with from the experienced. Then you have a platform.
    Many people tend to think about increasing the signal, but the secret lays to the decreasing of sound.

    Many folks can not even imagine whats possible with our minds.
    Agree, When I first started trading, I was attempting to find a system that generates lots of signal when what matters most is the quality of the signals. Ever since that time, I just use signals generated from daily charts. Less risky commerce, better odds of winning.

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