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    Hello every body
    we Now Have a sell in e/j

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    yeah, I think anybody would have trouble day trading these markets till they're trading a grid or have a long-term trade on. I have a win rate with 1:1 R/R in the last 2 weeks. Absolutely horrible....
    Hey, how was your trading this march up to now? Do you have any idea what changed in the market?

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    Bouncing off the MA, seems like we have downside momentum. Risk at 130, currently JPY weakness is stopping this

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Buy setup image image
    Update :

    trade active

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    EURJPY Pair Analysis
    Time period H4
    Indiors of MA, Fibo, and Supdem lines, RSI,
    The market closing state in the pair EJ in the degree of 132.36 and also the price is still in bullish trend with the candle position over the MA lineup, the RSI is still above 50 and the stoch.
    In the price fibo is in a retracement or correction with the aid test limitation in the fibo degree 132.14 and 131.80
    Conclusion EJ pair is still bullish with price correction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    ?? Please clarify this intriguing observation on EURJPY. Yesterday 12 march between approx 19.00-22.00 GMT that the bid/ask spread widened to between 3-6 pips (from usual 0.6-0.9 pips) in my DukasCopy account. . It stayed like this for quite a long moment. Think hours. All while sticking into tight slightly upward channel which was not at any given historic degree (See circled place on 5 minutes chart attached) Anyone have an explanation? My very own wild guess is that market participants saw that price has been breaking down trend on 4h chart, went heavy long, and that it was...
    Hello andy4444,
    I don't know just how long you have been looking in FX, but don't try to overthink what you think is going on in the market. You might be right but it does not really matter at what caused it, and is that banks proceed markets for what seems like no reason at all. As retail traders we could never have all of the information and any thought regarding bank's agendas or egies so there's no point in attempting to guess.
    It is my belief that markets move in a random walk way with occasional Levy Flight, that's not to mention markets are random all the time! As human beings we are constantly looking for reasons as to why things occur, and when we can not find any we make up things like patterns or feeling, when often it happening.

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    The starting price is above the 132.46 pivot signaling an uptrend.
    Support Amount: 132.04, 131.73, 131.31.
    Resistance Level: 132.77, 133.19, 133.50.
    The MACD histogram is above the zero degree.
    Parabolic SAR indior (measure 0.02, max 0.2) indies the price is moving up.

    Trading hints: Buy.
    TP: At resistance level: 132.77, 133.19, 133.50.
    SL: One degree below the entrance point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Update : trade active image
    Update :

    if you're still in trade this is the final SL :

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    We have a good and slow up movement here, seems like a lot of buying and selling.

    Seeing as the previous movement was a downward movement, anticipating additional drawback to restart.

    EUR nevertheless considered weak, so expect to test 129.3 support level

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