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    Can't say I do know how to trade pivots. Am new to learning and trading. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated

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    I like EUR/JPY, it deals much like GBP/JPY with a lot lower spread, so if you are trading using a %goal and not pips this really is really a beter pair to trade. Just made 112 pips yesterday, next sign will most likely be Friday afternoon. I think it may still go a Little More short term, 158

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    There used to be more threads about the e/j, but it appears it's fallen from favor (I do not understand why)...I only started trading this pair recently and I enjoyed the fact that it retraced that gap down...(some brokers open late and for those who had a long in, your were least for awhile). I concur that it may go try 158 again, but I am attempting to look at longer term charts to see how quick a move it may be....


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    This cross pair is similiar to GJ including the time of entry . .

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    All signals are favor of long for EJ..Minimum goal is 165.00
    consider the chart.

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    Place an entry order in 164.20 because I must go to sleep lol. I think that it will go down

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    All signals are favor of extended for EJ..Minimum target is 165.00
    Look at the chart.
    Hi erdogac...

    Now you have a Wonderful chart. .

    Could u please post your indiors and template?

    Thank you

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    I'm a noob and I'd like to learn everything relating to this pair.

    My participation for the time being is to keep the thread alive.

    Any prediction or remarks about today ?

    Thank you


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    I am very happy to see a forum to the E/J since that is what my focus of this market is on. As of this writing the price is 165.22. I feel that if it closes over 165.50, that ought to open the door for more topside movement. There's significant resistance at the 165.30 degree, which may turn into a support level. Lets wait and see which way to go.

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    Hey guys happy to see a thread for e/j ok does anyone here understand how to trade pivots?

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