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    just in time the Western-meddlers have found a new playground...

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    International cooling beforehand. .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Global cooling beforehand. .
    Do not know if it might get colder or not. The question is?

    I will witness melting glaciers anyplace, perma-frost is towing even in heights above 3000-4000 meters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Global cooling beforehand. .
    try this for the beginning: (OK, it is from the Guardian, not the best scientific resource LOL)

    and also this:

    and this published in Nature:

    discussed here:

    And to finish this post:

    do not fear that the second Ice Age when you are an Ice-Climber ROFL

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quotedon't fear the next Ice Age when you are an Ice-Climber ROFL

    might/might not connected with these global warming or global cooling but I just thinking that atm. USD seem doing preparation for next major move ... next year maybe ?

    USDX monthly,

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    To whom, who is yet interested in...

    Here is the official briefing information of MoD (in Russian) regarding the Syria bombing on 14/04/2018.
    Each of the cruise missiles are counted, their parts collected, aims found.
    This info will be barely published in Western mass media.

    Acording to the information, 22 goal hits (out of 105 in total) were just fixed by the objective management system.

    Some missile parts time: 4:19, 6:25, 9:16.


    P.S. Unfortunately they've alternative reality... or... we do have... time will reveal.

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    Woow, I don't know how I should see to the subject...


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    AUD in BUY ZONE or break 7500?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ; Woow, I do not know how I need to see to the subject... Best D.P.
    Breaking international laws seems to be now commonplace, sadly!

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