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Thread: The rise of CRYPTO - Bitcoin, LTC, Ether, Dash, Monero

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    This announcement of JPM pushed all cryptocurrencies: Sixer
    Thank you Sixer for the nice link.

    Soo the effective liars or manipulators at JPM, after crashing bitcoin, after buying heaps....are finally acknowledging it is good!!!???

    ....This report gives institutional investors hope in Bitcoin. A majority of traders are retail investors. Now that a major institutional bank has supported Bitcoin, anticipate a flood of bigger players into the market, possibly even JPMorgan itself.
    This opens a new age in cryptocurrency. Banks have started to realize that they don#8217;t have to be Bitcoin#8217;therefore enemy, and they are currently currently starting to reevaluate their stance on Bitcoin.

    Diversify . !!

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    Crypto future !!! that is intelligent


    ....Russian operatives had informed George Papadopoulos, a foreign policy advisor to the Trump effort, about their cache of stolen Democratic emails. In July 2016, Trump openly invited Russia to interfere with the election and also to commit a crime by hacking into a email server. He explained, ?Russia, if you are listening I hope you are ready to find the 30,000 mails [of Hillary Clinton] that are missing?
    There were many contacts between the Trump campaign group and the Russians, not one of which were reported to the FBI, despite having an FBI warning that Russians could be attempting to infiltrate the effort. Regarding easing the sanctions from Russia -- connections that members of the Trump team lied to pay up throughout the transition, the Russian ambassador was contacted by Flynn in a quid pro quo for Russian help in the election.
    It's likely that by the late spring of the season, Mueller will exhibit shocking findings on one or more impeachable crimes against President Trump. Republicans from the U.S. House of Representatives will be faced with the painful decision of starting an impeachment investigation of the president in the Judiciary Committee or risking retribution at the polls by turning a blind eye to Mueller's findings. Under either circumstance, Trump's impeachment will become the central issue of the campaign.

    Hopefully Trumpy will get impeached.... Or talked about...
    Dollar will probably ditch - buy Euro and crypto.

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    Is anyone having troubles with Fully locked out of my account. Service and they claim that I have violated their terms and requirements by having multiple accounts and will need to combine my funds in my account of choice and supply them with all the mails of the accounts that I would like to close. Mystery, as I have just one account with Attempting to solve the matter.

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    Hello all! I see that trading these coins are doing so with Foreign Exchange brokers. I'd like to knoe which broker gives spread as my broker is currently killing me. Thanks in advsnce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is anybody having problems with Been locked out of my account. Contacted service and they claim I have broken their terms and requirements by having multiple accounts and will need to combine my funds into my account of choice and... Mystery, since I only have one account with
    Trying to solve the matter.
    No problems recently... Hmm will attempt later.
    Bittrex been a rock.
    Cryptopia someone complained yesterday....

    As to your consolidation issue - like a joke - tell them to transfer any coins out of ANY ACCOUNT.... Except my .... Into yours

    Good luck. And don't worry.
    Possibly a buddy or family using your WiFi??

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    Together with Bitcoin $11120
    and several coins up - XVG, PART, SC, AION, ZCL, DGB....XDN, PPC, GAME....and some sh!t coins too....obviously the days are green.

    The Japanese and Korean news....Trumpy worries....Friday inventory dip....Monday inventory will wreck....

    PS: my DarwinCoin mining rig is performing complete power!!!!

    Only got a call from Goldman Sacks or even Socks.... asking about the new discovery....
    Told them to wait 11200 !!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    My Selections from Friday, today: PPC, Shield, LSK, BLOCK, MONA, PART, VTC, XDN. Crown, Aeon. !! Nexus? Moon... hmm. And also predied on cross-chain use I'd buy ENG.
    Part seriously? Lol

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    I need advice guys. I want to buy a little more Digibyte as price seems good. The way to do it not to shed on transfers? Last time sent to kucoin and I bought Bitcoin on coinbase. This way I dropped quite a couple of % on commisions. Is there method to avoid it next time? DGB has opinions and dome believe 2018 will be good for DGB

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I want advice men. I would like to buy some Digibyte as price seems good. How to do it not to shed on transports? Last time subsequently sent to kucoin and I purchased Bitcoin on coinbase. This way I dropped on commisions. Is there way to avoid it next time? DGB has good opinions and dome believe 2018 will be very good for DGB
    The high fees are due to congestion on the network i.e. high volumes of transactions and the transaction fees go up. Also in the evening on weekends, if trade volumes are reduced with a corresponding reduction in fees and the alternative for reduced fees would be to perform your transactions late in the evening.

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    For Your Newcomers: A Peer-to-Peer comparison

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