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Thread: The rise of CRYPTO - Bitcoin, LTC, Ether, Dash, Monero

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    BTFD Buy everytime there's a dip. This mofo will space. *But seriously I am buying each dip.
    ya same here. . From now,ill buy when ever the price is reduced....
    sorry broken english...

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    Its time to sell BTC. . .sell each dip of it till 85* ...I entered earlier but current price now is 1123

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    Thanks for starting this thread, I thought about starting one like this. I am spent in Ethereum Classic. Bought in at 1.50 its at 2.50 now, due to worries over Bitcoin stability is exactly what I read. In any case smart contracts have good potential so do many technology firms seemingly and I like the traditional people's reaction to the bad fork situation. It goes to 400$ some day. We will see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Outstanding opportunity to buy!
    Maybe maybe
    Step slowly though.
    It dips beneath $980 again....

    Scarecrows composing again

    Today, a tricky fork is going to be a market shaker. Not sure about plogical consequences....

    I'm buying ofcourse. Imagine there are other people that don't care 1000 or even 500....
    There is no cause for everyone and his granny to jump-start buying now and after that come knocking on my door crying if bitcoin strikes 470$.

    So buy/hold /sell with common sense.

    I am diversifying a little. As post.
    Litecoin and Zcash seem attractive. And cheap today.... I really do not like Ripple...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I Am diversifying a little. As article 7. Litecoin and Zcash seem attractive. And cheap today.... I really don't like Ripple... Ideas??
    I don't buy Ripple as its * Not Mineable /** Significantly Premined...

    Zcash almost double from past 2 weeks, I do holding a few LTC , and waiting patiently

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I don't buy Ripple because its * Not Mineable!!

    Premined Zcash almost double from previous 2 weeks, I do holding some LTC , and waiting patiently
    True. True.

    I'm adding few different coins. Will think of Novacoin...

    Any idea why Nexus jumped??

    And what is the Most Recent news on Ether Classic?

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    Bitcoin is $980 again...

    If I need to stage the culprit - it's the Bitcoin Unlimited maniacs. These folks aren't got by me. What is their problem???

    Did some studying, some assessing their ridiculous sites....
    Here is what I take.:

    They do not care about the stability of Bitcoin, nor the future.
    They care for random numbers... and paying for java at bitcoin. A unworthy jobless or coach-potato kind of thinking. ???

    BU will fork. Bitcoin believers will keep 1MB limit. SegWit is currently at 28% only!! Why???
    BU is 37% damn soon we could observe orphans, small forks, large FORK.

    What will happen next is a guess.
    I like this:

    Why are BU people cheering for it??? People buying java?? Nope.
    They do it for THE MONEY. The BU scam money
    Can Be BU paying more??
    So what money?
    The money that are potential from shorting bitcoin now. They'll market bitcoin (performing), crash bitcoin, crash BU, buy bitcoin cheap. !!!!!!

    Yep. Guessed it. A theft that is big!!!

    I am Buying altcoins today.
    If bitcoin falls to 400$ I'll be buying.

    Suggestions??? Remarks?

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    I can buy bitcoin @8xx or market some ALT coins to get BTC

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