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Thread: The rise of CRYPTO - Bitcoin, LTC, Ether, Dash, Monero

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    Buy zone around 8600-8650. . Powerful fibonacci confluence support.

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    Drops of prices. I will wait till XRP drips to 0.5 Usd and will buy some

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    Welcome RogerTC!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Such drops of prices. I'll wait till XRP drips to 0.5 Usd and will buy a few
    A large dip began yesterday. Heard some real bitcoin selling.
    Good to buy

    LTC down 8 percent??? buying tomorrow!!!
    Other things even more? even excellent coins!!!
    WTF is promoting ?? I'll be buying after 1 green day.

    Lame manipulation and whales selling .

    Going to wait few days, buy more

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Bytecoin tremendous up, on listing news. !! Price trippled.
    Take profit, wait for ditch. Insert at 85-95 satoshi....
    Take profit 200-350 satoshi... Repeat. Insert Aeon, BCD...
    Oh look, the lame investors sold it to 100 satoshi!!

    Thanks whales or bimbos!!
    Time to buy 100-90-80 where feeble whiners are

    BCN, AEON time to add

    An awesome coin as EOS, Groestlcoin....are down!!!
    So cheap

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    There Is some thing I worry about - . In Poland they plan to open bank predied on blockchain - what should big players will produce their own coins and alternatives and nobody will provide just one fuck about bitcoin etc? Companies like amazon, facebook, coins may be created by paypal along with other internet businesses that are smaller might adapt their solutions rather

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    There's something that I worry about - facebook has blockchain team.
    In Poland they intend to open bank based on blockchain - what if big players will create their own coins and alternatives and nobody will give just one fuck about bitcoin etc?
    Firms like amazon, facebook, paypal may create own coins and other smaller internet businesses might adapt their solutions instead of those that are currently
    Sure everybody can create their coin...
    Can you buy such sh!tcoin that's Faceboocoin???
    Why would anyone buy it??? Tomorrow that slimey Facebook guy will mine a second hundred billions coins.... Your stash becomes

    Paypal?? Poland??? Japan??? USA??
    They have sh!tcoins called dollar, zloty, yen and dollar respectively

    Recall Venezuela and some pathetic coin??
    Nobody cares.

    A coin must be really decentralized, popular, Quick. . .etc to be in demand!!

    Zcoin, PART, SYS, XDN, BCD, XVG come to mind!!

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    Bloomberg and Galaxy Digital Capital Management Establish Cryptocurrency Benchmark Index:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Bloomberg and Galaxy Digital Capital Management Launch Cryptocurrency Benchmark Index: Sixer
    I always Enjoyed Bloomberg.
    What a vision!!

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    Daily crypto inspection!!!

    Great Morning

    Average 1 percent down.
    Great jobs as ARK, Stellar, ENG, ignis, Dcr, 0x, KMD.... up.
    DGD, BCN down!!! buy cheap #65532;#65532;

    Also few sh!t up so beware...
    Zclassic, Triggers - all cr.p.

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    And some Chinese news

    If Chinese demagogues and ....whatever are for crypto, who are we to argue.

    My picks also.

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