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Thread: The rise of CRYPTO - Bitcoin, LTC, Ether, Dash, Monero

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    An Introduction to Crypto from Linda Xie

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    About $9870 bitcoin

    Men, where would you take profit??

    I'm thinking 10880 then

    At 6-7% every level. Add if drops. Repeat.

    So I'll sell about half my bitcoin till 40k price. Add cheaper when drops. . .say 15% top up.
    Then half the remainder in 80k and 150k.

    I'll leave few pieces for my kids to sell at $300k whenever they grow.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    An Intro to Crypto by Linda Xie Sixer
    Quite dull and useless I think.
    No offence.

    But again, most public mouthpieces understand nothing of material. If they knew they'll be rich (modest grin)

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    Guys, girls, friends....

    We're in trouble!!!

    It is horrrrible.

    Morons state Bitcoin is lifeless!!!
    Andd again....

    Bitcoin expired 288 times by now.
    Check these.

    Apparently bitcoin expired 56 times this year
    Damnn I missed that this

    Have fun....
    In this dimtwitner : | $228.07 From Jordan Tuwiner , January 13, 2015 No Comments .... Even if the price of Bitcoin doesn't go to zero, the chances....

    pro!!! LOL
    #65532;#65532;#65532;#65532;#65532;Wish I had been retarded expert , but I'm only bitcoin holder

    Nice weekend all!!!

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    Bought more Litecoin Now and will get ADA
    So That My portfolio will be
    Kucoin Shares
    Bitcoin Gold
    Bitcoin Diamond
    My main aim is to pay off my Home as soon as possible. Had the coinliker price forecasts were true (for many crypto they forecast 100x of today's price in 5 years) I'll achieve it together with what I have and will repay sooner, if not I will be happy with almost any profit. At this moment I'm finishing adventure with crypto, will hodl what I have and wait for good prices. Will add only if BTC will drop down to some absurd price like 1k GBP or if I see some coin that's really a revolution. Otherwise I shall stay away and will try to focus on FX again and give it a go in stocks, also will focus on household, gym training etc.. Crypto is similar to lottery for me - something new and difficult to predict.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Bought more Litecoin today and will get ADA So that my... Will add just if BTC will fall down to some idiotic price like 1k GBP...
    family, gym training. Crypto is similar to lottery for me - something new and difficult to predict.

    You are like my twin

    Household - need 2 kids more.
    Gym yes.
    Crypto - I only hold, minor diversify.
    Forex part time
    Work - will abandon.
    Holiday - booking now. !!

    House - in several weeks to 1 year.

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    As many of the world top investors today, I'm growing DarwinCoin!!
    That's a significant step for mankind

    If bitcoin crosses 10k again. . And stays there...I will unleash the DarwinCoin coin study ability on crybabies .

    Stay tuned!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The Newest Investing Report from OceansCapital: Sixer

    I visit Dash, EOS mentioned double!!

    Not that sure about Sia. . .but will buy.
    OMG, NEO I got couple of.

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    Performance of Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash at the last 6 Weeks: The Winner is Bitcoin Cash !!

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