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Thread: The rise of CRYPTO - Bitcoin, LTC, Ether, Dash, Monero

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    Not sure what few men and women are complaining about!
    Verge is great coin. Amazing.
    Check the roadmap... wallets...

    Of course I am fan of solitude coins.... XST, ONION, AEON, BCN

    Additionally ADA, ARK, OMG to add additional.

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    Thank you.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hmm. Fantastic question. Coins wouldn't be stored by me . Exchanges yes, because I trade... Beware who keeps your private keys. Some lying sites clame YOU HAVE CONTROL BLABLA but they maintain them....and can evaporate . The risk of storing them is if somebody knows you are wealthy and gets to persuade you to give him all coins. Lost telephone little risk but leads to preceding!!!! image

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Withdrawal of the coin isn't available for now This is message I get on Kucoin when I attempt to draw to software wallet. Till it allows me to withdraw, how long will it take? I have been like that two hours already
    Nevertheless same. I wrote to Kucoin but no answer

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    Oh yes,
    Crybabies Salut.
    You can't post here...

    However, as award-winning fellow, I generated thread for you.

    Also any individual in my IGNORE list can leave me a message that there...

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    Following is a fast read on the cra.piest coin made - government endorsed petro

    Total shambles :

    And any other wannabes like :
    facebook ....In Poland ... what should large players...
    will wind up the same. Noone gives a damn.

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    And new chart.
    30000 will arrive in few months.

    Will add few coins....GBYTE, BCD, BTX.

    Job done for the week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Is Litecoin about the radar of This Big Money already ? Sixer

    Any affordable coin, doing same as bitcoin is.

    Bought BTX 5-6 bucks, BTCP 35-45...
    Now hold

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    BCD on costs about 6USD, on Kucoin about 32USD - does it mean I could buy on gate and market on Kucoin with profit? Or have they secured?

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