Not to get all geopolitical on everybody, but I see several things happening that warrant discussion.

USD has been the main method of valuation and swap for decades. Everything has been appreciated against it. It seems, today, that EUR and USD for this global position are combating with. EUR/USD has come to be too volatile for me to exchange it is politicized and all cross pairs and play with against the other.

It's incredibly tough to tell what EUR/USD is going to do from day to day, or even from week to week. That is because every other country playing with with them, or is using the other as a proxy. I prefer pairs, though this one is a trade.

EUR has way too many variables, German GDP, French inflation, Italian industrial production, etc.. Impossible to monitor. USD has a lot of idiocy that is political recently Bernanke can't put together a sentence that makes sense.

Anyone's and everybody's viewpoints with this would be appreciated...