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    Gold a weekly count is really on a choppy correction of major ABC (ideally). A wave full with 5 waves up and then b wave using a 3 wave down and now C wave in advance using the enlarging diagonal ( 5 waves). I'm awaiting this correction for over to get a major sell on gold.

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    oil I am giving a revised count. I am totally bearish on oil. I believe that the uptrend is finished in oil and I am anticipating a long term bear on this commodity.

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    oil on 4 hrs. I believe that the weekly correction is finished on a c wave with 5 waves and currently declining rapidly for a major wave 1. Here is an 4 hour breakdown of this chart.

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    The Oil bear market began 2008 - Wave [A] of this correction pattern (ZigZag ?) is still unfolding.
    Bear markets of the commodities last 20 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The Oil bear market began 2008 - Wave [A] of the correction pattern (ZigZag ?) is still unfolding. Bear markets of these commodities last 20 decades. Sixer image
    although you are expecting at least a 50 percent or a 61.8 retrace in the last impulsive swing, the C wave looks like it's done a 5 wave impulse and we had rather a fantastic impulsive move down that is what I based my own count. I might be wrong but I am trying shorting with stop loss at swing high in 66.63.

    Love if you could provide me your inner count for wave y in your chart.
    Here's mine.

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    Thanks for your charts of Gold and Oil. Both of you are experts of EW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    , I hope that the WTI count (EWMI) from feb can help you. Sixer picture
    thanks to the chart sixer.

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    oil is heading down for the 3rd tide as mentioned previously from the charts. Expecting at least a 62.75 for FE 100 . After which down to 61.06 to get FE 161.8
    Keeping fingers crossed.

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    index on a minor 5th wave to 61.8 hopefully. 90.24 is your target.

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