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Thread: Elliot Wave Analysis

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Sixer, checked out this. A tad bit confusing yet interesting. Need to do a bit study. Thanks for the videos and the information. The link is not available to me. (Deltasociety.com).
    Dear Strinfx it seems the site is down. You can check whether any site is down or running to each of by this site http://isitdownrightnow.com/

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    [quote=sureshhacker;10945317]quote Dear Strinfx it appears the website is down. You can check if any website is down or running to all by this website http://isitdownrightnow.com/[/quote

    Suresh, thanks for the info. Love it.

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    Back to trading it has a while to market open.

    Let us start with Gold.

    Gold in my opinion is really on a 5 tide down move before a great rally to nearly 1400 for the major trend . On a interval I am expecting an ending expanding diagonal which might complete by 1400. The move after this 5 waves will probably be upgraded after later on. We will see how it moves down. Following is a 4 hour chart with my assumption of 5 waves. lets see how it plays out.

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    USD/CAD (my favorite pair as of today).

    Usdcad in my view is in an uptrend with hopefully a minor wave 4 complete ... not too sure because the low was in between 50% and 61.8 percent. The invalidation lineup for longs is 1.2368 which is the ending of wave 1. If it crosses that point, then it is bearish. I'm reasonably sure that's not going to happen but you can never be concrete in this vicious market.... Therefore I am bullish and following is a chart.

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    Oil 4Hr.

    In my frank opinion, oil is doing a major wave 3 (orange) to fe100 in 57.78. At this moment on a little wave, I think that we've got a 1-2 1-2 done so far. I think with that impusive go down, this might be a 3rd tide to 60.76 (fe100) or even to 58.70 (fe161.8). After which there might be a retrace to tide 4 then a good downmove to tide 5. Will update all these afterwards . Here is a chart.

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    I do have counts on these but do not wish to confuse anyone . . So not posting it. Can do it if market kicks my thoughts out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I do have alternate counts on all these but do not wish to confuse anybody . . So not. Will take action if market kicks my ideas out.
    Sting, thanks for the upgrades.
    Let's hope for a profitable week beforehand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Sting, thanks for the Upgrades. Let us hope for a profitable week beforehand.
    Thanks Mav.

    Are you currently having any places open ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thanks Mav. Are you currently having any places open ?
    Hello Sting,
    Yes I've sell places for EU and Oil, little lots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hi Sting, Yes, I have sell positions for EU and Oil, small lots.
    Good ... I thought you may have a buy on usdcad. Well it's a little late . It has reached weekly pivot ... now will wait for a retrace to load more longs.

    Anyway good luck ... oil should do you a lot good.

    Personally I do not prefer how EU is behaving, so staying away for some time . . Still prefer a sell however ...

    selling gold as well until 1300.

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