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Thread: Elliot Wave Analysis

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    Just beginning a new thread EW analysis to attract like minded traders. I have discovered EW threads are declining in posts. I feel that this specific theory is the very best to predict future prices along with fibs... I am not an expert in EW but I do strive to the best of my skill, so, to those experts out there, please post your analysis and we will compare our counts to trade better.

    Rules are simple. .
    Please do not fight among yourself... there's no wrong or right in this market. Keep calm and have constructive criticism.
    Please avoid anything aside from trading, which means we concentrate on earning some money.

    I shall post my charts with counts whenever possible. I would prefer to find a daily TF(or greater) and a hourly TF of the instrument which you're posting. I'll be concentrating mostly on majors, gold and oil however, don't hesitate to post crosses and exotics.

    Good luck and trade safe.

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    eurusd did not visit 38.2 it broke the tide 3 low just following a 23.6 retrace. So I have sold here before 61.8 for the 5th wave. 1.2268 is 38.2 1st target 2nd tp in 61.8 (1.2226).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    GBPUSD Daily/weekly (not very confident about the count thus I will not be trading this pair on reside). This is my two cent view. On a timeframe we seem to be about the 4th wave. I am not sure whether it is finished or not although it seems complete. We could be about the onset of a fifth wave down. My 1st chart indies the daily count. The chart is an hourly chart which shows an impulse wave. I hope a wave 3 down to 1.3911 on hourly chart provided that major wave 4 is finished. Otherwise it'll rise again to 61.8 about the weekly chart. picture...
    Stringfx, thanks for providing the chart.
    Hopefully, in the daily chart, 4th tide is finished since it had turned back just below the invalidation stage, and now it is moving down in third tide (hourly chart). Additionally, it is matching with the anticipated correction of $ index.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote yes wave iv can't enter wave 1 land. Apart from if you check my second chart on nzd/usd, the price has stopped currently at 38.2 expansion down. I am expecting down. To 61.8 prior to nfp.
    Thank you stringfx. What's your goal for USDCAD?

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    Lets start off with DXY chart. Here's a daily chart. I am hoping that 5 th wave has finished for major wave 1. Now. Expecting this will take to complete. If this is a counta correction to wave two will follow. If a new low will not be formed in the coming weeks we could buy dollar on drops.

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    below are 2 charts on 1.

    I'm anticipating up a gap on dxy on monday morning to wave 5 at 61.8 percent or even 100% as wave 1. Then a decline to 50 percent of the move as wave 2. Chart will follow once this move is finished.

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    The same is true with eur/usd. There might be a gap down for wave 1 a up move for wave two. We could market along with wave two, if all goes well. Chart is going to be the opposite of dxy.

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    Please trade with care, keep your stop losses in place and trade safe. Technical analysis can go and market does what it needs.

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    Very good thread,im not an expert but do follow Ewave and fib as well.I check higher time frame and one hour as well,so I will be after this thread.Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    very good thread,im not an expert but do follow Ewave and fib because well.I assess greater time frame and 1 hour as well,so I'll be after this thread.Thanks
    thanks for stopping by. Whenever you can please donate. Expecting to create this thread with some fantastic analysis from members.

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