I had been reading one thread at the Forum Discussion section.

One trader was saying that you can't win daily. He produced a thread only for this and he only allows high influence members to answer so I couldn't provide my opinion because I am medium impact.

There are a lot of individuals with no impact at those who have good things to say, however I know restricting a thread. I have done so for impact. If I could change it I'd change it to individuals with at least 100 replies. Not the point.

The point is that that person states that you can't win daily.

I feel nobody can give so drastic comments like if it had been written in stone. In my opinion the reality is that you can't trade daily, however at least three times of the week that there are always fantastic opportunities to profit.

The trick, at least at the way that I trade, is in not pushing the button, to be discipline and individual to allow price do everything for hours, merely to realize half a day after that it moved not only to the amount that you desired but also showing the entrance through the mini cycles, so taking your spare 20 pips. Sometimes 3-4 pairs are revealing practically the exact same entry in the exact same time and it becomes a no brainer to make money. 3 good trades in the time makes it for 3 times of good trading. Repeat this at least twice per week and you may end up saying that regular you won.