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    100% !!!
    The afternoon of the 100% growth of the account finally came!!
    My objective of decreasing the account in 1 year kept brief by seven weeks!
    That is a big incentive to continue working for the next goal.

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    Although I accept I have put more places than accostumed, fact remains that trading in intense amounts releases all the strain and stress of whether the trade will proceed in favor or not.

    Trading using a 1:200 leverage and maintaining the Margin always above 1000% are a few of the crucial ingredients to produce money.

    At this moment I have 2 trades available, one with 3 places and another with 2, and the margin within my account is 5700%.

    Both trades reveal the tendency has entered very deep in the kitchen for a long period of time. So what's the possible consequence that was only provided the bicycles are revealing a turn? Response: these pairs need to balance out.

    I see everyone taking these H4 and Daily charts. Drawing S/R amounts, drawing Fibo Lines, Pivots. It works. However, to me, is like re-inventing the wheel over and over. It's like when I had to code my system each time I wish to put a trade.

    A successful system should be in a position to examine itself without drawing anything. Because signals occure at crucial levels, it also ought to have the ability to remove signals also provided by the machine itself. Hence two things: the Signs AND The Key Levels must be provided by that the system.

    Every Pair Chart I have provide both things, but I cannot maintain open 28 charts. So what I have done is to get the Key Levels information in one chart and eye just those pairs that are currently supplying trades to watch for the best signals.

    Sunday and Monday trading was NULL, then tuesday that the JPY pairs revealed some action, followed on Wednesday and Thursday using the CAD, CHF, NZD and JPY pairs.

    What's everyone doing trading the GBP, EUR, AUD and USD goes past my comprehension. If the GBP or EUR aren't attached to one of the prior currency mentioned (cad, chf, nzd and jpy) then there are no chances there.

    Surprisingly the NZD shows a lot of action this week although the AUD is lifeless. Generally NZD and AUD pairs tend to reveal exactly the exact same.

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    Notice on the previous image how ALL the majors are Lifeless:


    To make a living in Forex it is necessary to open your Head and trade crosses.

    I am not saying those pairs are not moving, what I am saying is that individuals enter trades the majority of the instances in the contrary direction of the tendency, which is exactly what I do also. It need to be done at significant levels demoning clearly to try it. It's the only way to not eliminate money.

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    I cannot disclose my entire system, specially the component that generates the signs.

    With signs or not, though, sometimes only price being at extreme amounts is crystal clear what will occur.

    In this film I want you to notice 1 thing: The Balance Top Band has penetrated the Market Trend Top Band. It is like if your living room is that green band and the blue band is your kitchen, and price (the guest) felt super confident and went to the kitchen.

    Well, someone must take that guest from the personal part of the house now.

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    These days, the pairs I'm cancel trend trading generated a aditional micro-cycle (of about 6-12 hours) inside the cycle revealing the flip.

    That is keeping all of my transactions in the negative. Just a matter of time to see that extra miniature cycle. The objective is to depart the places and close the ones in profit.

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    Reconnection in action, 4 hours after I put the previous image:

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    Week is over, and I cannot be entirely happy though the final outcome is increase. The majority of the time with my final trades that the account went from a good 0.3% DD up to 1.5% at least 3 times. This was ok when I created the sytem, not today. As a result many places ended up in B/E and the winning ones only a few pips.

    The reason I am not satisfied is as to produce 2% that I entered too many places, double the required to produce such results. Along with that's translation is that the account was subjected to unnecessary risk most of the time.

    The transactions spent 80% of the time at the negative territory, and this isn't acceptable. The accuracy of entry could be improved, though this facet is just one of those components in counter trend trading.

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    Anyone who wants to accompany me to some good trade this week (actually today), keep a watch out for the CADJPY.

    Now's Asian session broke last week's high.

    Price remains at the left side of any cycle going south, so I'm not entering nonetheless.

    It is extremely likely price will visit this week's 61.8 percent/78.6% Resistance place, which I don't follow, nevertheless is always nice to see how bicycles show a turn within these regions.

    The reason why this is a good trade is because a possible turn detected in intra-day/intra-week cycles are also being found in intra-month cycles (those which take from 2 to 3 weeks to grow).

    Price needs to be over 84.75 to start contemplating Sells.

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    Hi horuxito

    nice egy.

    I enjoy the equity curve

    100% guide system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    hi nice egy there. I enjoy the equity curve 100% guide system?
    I track 28 different pairs with quite defined parameters about the zones that I want price to be trading in. 60% of the times I have all of the charts shut, another 30 percent I have those worth watching opened waiting for 10 percent of the time positions have opened and entrance. Commanding and waiting for entrance is the toughest work is also time consuming. The money is in that 10 percent of the time, however, the job is currently on that 30 percent watching the charts without pushing any button.

    There are lots of systems, some of them very great. On the other hand, the majority of people is promoting when the direction was still buy. And in spite of all the selling, there are two sides of the trade: expecting the change of direction or even keeping in the zone but waiting for price to be in the side of the trade rather than the left.

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