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Thread: Reconnection

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    The objective of this thread is to record the transactions I'll take based on one of my current egies: The .

    This Strategy is based upon a collection of facts about the market:

    - Price looks to balance 100 percent of the times
    - Regardless of how aggressive a trend gets, it won't last forever

    Why offset trend trading?

    I enjoy trends and that I wish I could have the opportunity to remain there watching all the consolidation procedure until is the ideal moment to enter.

    Because of the tricky analysis it requires, many retail traders opt to jump into scalping to profit from a single pair. That's fine to me also, however I find the probabilities of success higher with counter trend trading (CTT).

    The major benefit of CTT for me personally is I don't have to watch the market. After years of experience that I know when the market corrects itself.

    Contrary to other types of market events, CTT cannot be fractalized. Only because it functions, it doesn't mean it can be translated into a measurement. CTT requires FX sessions, each day counts and the opening of this Europe session becomes significant.

    This quality make these transactions to be rare. However, this is not the end of the world because there are multiple currencies in the Forex market: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, CHF, NZD and AUD. When one of them is in an active fashion the chances to their multiple crosses start to appear.

    Nearly each and every week there are transactions to take. They arrive in group the NZD crosses such as. And all the currency pairs need to balance. The only ingredient missing is the place of price within the short term cycle produce the reconnection and to take it .

    This egy has been included into a broker portfolio therefore any trader can gain from it. If there's anyone interested please send me a PM for details.

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    The equity/balance remains intact at the conclusion of the week, supplying the egy together with all the strength it has. However I must admit I had a couple of entries in the GBPJPY I took.

    My very short term cycles (people who perfect the entrance) were really giving the entrance. The problem was that I didn't honor the intraday cycles, so I simply was confident that price was at the OS zone (very OZ). But the cycles took the market for 200 pips down (it had been 100 pips down when I entered, so it was just half way).

    I might have exited in profit despite this, but I chose to perform a B/E exit as a reminder that it's also a matter to not lose and to stay alert and much more attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I never get it done I clicked on the tab here in FF. What folks is trading at the NU is Sell. Ok I say... it's obvious, the trend is down. Let's see what was the entrance level, and to my surprise it's Sell @ 0.7118. Are they from their minds? Can someone participate at the bottom of what's currently occurring into a market? I admit I am not able to sing victory here with my 8 places opened from the NU, 4 of them in red. However, at least I've got the CERTAINTY the basket will close - as a minimum - in B/E - or - together with all the...
    Again: Buy in the Bottom Sell in the Top. How difficult is that?

    No, no, that's not hard to understand, but where is Best and where is Bottom

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    Now, and to my great luck during the NY session, I had an ideal entrance on the Reconnection commerce going down in the EURNZD therefore I decided to scalp the movement to enter again later on the full-scale scale. That entrance gave 27 pips . Now's time. So I never trade against, my transactions are biased within the Reconnection movement. I just know the movement against is there occurring but I don't do anything.

    This is something I wish I could do more frequently, but London isn't the session I am able to be in front of my own charts so I need to be content with entering in the valid zone and setting the TP.

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    Each platform should allow the trader understand when is the time to analyze a particular pair and when possible supply extra information on the quality of a trade.

    That's the way the Reconnection was born. I realized that there were trades that were good if I would had been individual to await them. When I had been trading 1 pair and staring at the charts I believed I had a good trade to observe the market after its way against. As an outcome that made me a rest trader. My transactions were good but not at the place that is good, but at least I might depart in break since they were good.

    So I researched the patience aspect of my trading. I'd require a dashboard being gray most of the time and turning semaphore lights when a pair had examined to be in the golden zone to enter a trade.

    One day I plan to code the Entry aspect because now is still manual and still requieres a lot of patience. The problem with human patience versus programmed patience is the part. As a human is easy to pull on on the trigger believing the move is currently there. Anyway I believe having the part is vital, otherwise the signals become more and more reduced.

    This is the reason why one ought to average down the entrance, since a minimum there'll always be 2 entries for the same trade: the initial entry plus the right one. The first allows us to invest into a trade while an ideal entry allows to correct the levels and await profit. Sometimes the first entry was 12 pips early, but being two entrances the against space is simply 6 pips.

    From my experience one is only able to see the full development of a trade inside a micro scale if you have already put money into that move.

    Many times the initial entry happens to be perfect, and I will simply understand it and put the 2 entrances at precisely the same level.

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    The reconnection from the EURNZD happened so I am out. It occurred with a news event from the NZD so I close them manually 6 pips before the hit. I know news, and when the goal is near price tends to return to the point that I shut. It went to goal as well as 20 pips farther. That's fine.

    Once is reconnected, according to my experience, it always consolidates, and from that point it could resume the original fad or produce El Giro.

    This news is putting the market in very interesting place for El Giro in 2 pairs: NZDUSD and NZDCHF.

    Correcti?n: only from the NZDUSD - After requesting the historic data for the NZDCHF the scanning differs.

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    Today was a profitable day but nothing spectacular:

    - The EURJPY commerce I entered 30 hours past ended up being so slow that the reconnection was likely to be together with all the reconnection line ching up using price instead of the customary price movement moving to associate on this line. The RL consistently comes nearer to price, however the longer time that the reconnection takes, the less pips to be made.
    - In order to avoid the swap in most of the places I decided to shut everything. The decision has been made because 1) The overall trades were in the green and two) that the reconnection levels were getting close. Committing yet another 12 hours I felt it was better this way.
    - Now's journey was jeopardized by a young commerce in the CADJPY which did not correspond to the reconnection in the first place but it then become a valid reconnection trade.
    - And a last reason is since the day, due to CAD events, has ended up using numerous possible reconnection trades that I wish to examine with more serene and a fresh mind.

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    I had some bad experience with one of both egies: el Giro. Due to the continued trend in the NZD/USD and also the ancient positions put, there wasn't any true Giro (flip) happening.

    I have discontinued the egy for now and keep myself focus on what I am in a position to handle better: very OB/OS markets where I can determine the ideal time to make a counter trend trade which can reconnect with the mean.

    So I have only 1 egy ATM: The Reconnection.

    Today has been a very good day where the market has hit those extreme amounts. This means multiple odds of reconnection and profit.

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    The egy so far is functioning very good approximately 9-10 weeks, with a growth.

    Every week you will find new trades.

    At this time The Reconnection is free to put new fresh orders, and I see the USDCAD can provide that new opportunity in addition to the GBPUSD, plus all of the GBP and CAD related pairs.

    A number of the gathered experience:

    - Though the egy is counting on the Amount of bars where price is at a determined extreme without hitting the heart (being 100 the golden opportunity), the market can always go an Additional 30 pips north/south before reconnecting
    - Brief term turning points ought to be admired as you can to prevent trades departing break even
    - At less the opportunity is amazing it is best not to put a trade during the NY session since the market will slow down
    - 90 percent of those times the market will not travel straight to the middle line by the daily open, it will always continue the trend an Excess amount of pips before retracing back
    - The best time to enter is at the London Open, many retracements happen during that period of time

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    Now I'm seeing how the GBP is giving me multiple opportunities but without being able to take one of them.

    I've learned that is not merely an issue of being in the zone. The turning cycle needs to be there as well.

    Very seldom happens that price hits the zone and immediately retraces, but today that was the situation. It disturbs me since there were a lot of pips to be made: 140 in the GBPNZD heading down and 60 pips in the EURGBP going up. However more frequently than not the market respects sessions and the cycles.

    Just because today was a hit and proceed will not alter the trading plan. I am trying to become professional with the entrances since the egy was included in a broker portfolio.

    Okay, so the picture in question (in a nude chart) shows:

    1) Price being in the valid counter tendency zone
    2) The more likely place where the cycles could turn in the Europe open session
    3) The more likely position at which the equilibrium will be when the market reconnects

    Number 2 and 3 did not happen this time, it immediately retraced without completing the cycle. Not the frequent behavior but it happens. Personally, I prefer to stay away to prevent 30/40 without pips (in the case of the GN even double that number) and also to prevent unnecessary swaps.

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