In making the decision than the 20, most system that I have seen do not consider that the time factor. This is a bit puzzling as the charts is telling us regarding price and time.

How a lot of you actually have time factor in your trading principles. E.g If price do not go lower than 1.1234 that Friday, go long on Monday etc? Something like Support/resistance with time factor ?

I'm considering using something like this sometimes to maximize my position.
1) major trend is up
two ) price hit support amount - input long position

after two days (dont increase position when price touch support too quickly, that is sound )
3) price hit exactly the same support level - input another long since it is a strong support (the more powerful the support in a bull trend, the more inclined the price to rally, so we just bet more on something that's more likely ).

Anyone actually doing something like this?