Hello everyone,

I have been using my system to create signs for your GBP/USD and for its USD/CHF crosses. These signs get generated around 5 pm eastern time. They are set and forget kinds, let run for a day. I have found it helpful in order to'get away' from the computer at times. Hopefully others might benefit from it as well.

There might be a long and/or short trade reccomendation for your GBP/USD and for its CHF/USD.

The orders use stop entries, and eventually become busy at 6 pm eastern, and some open or unexecuted oorders ought to be cancelled/closed in 6 pm eastern the next day once the reccomendations emerge. Fridays, shut out everything at 430pm eastern. Trade entry resumes Sunday with all the new signs.

The GBP/USD cross transactions about 12 times/month. It has a profit goal of 40 pips, and a stop loss of 30 pips.

The USD/CHF cross transactions roughly 7 times/month, it's a profit traget of 50 pips, and a stop loss of 25 pips.

I will be attempting to get these posted regular in a timely fashion for people to watch and, please, comment on. Most times the entry prices are not hit until later in the evening since the Japanese European markets get moving.

Joyful to get feedback, suggestions, thoughts, etc - always love help!

For today 6pm eastern 5/31/2005 to 6pm eastern 6/01/2005:
No CHF/USD signs today

GBP/USD: 1 sign today
- go long (buy cease ) in 1.8233. Stop Loss 1.8203. Take Profit 1.8273.

I will attempt to get everything posted in a timely fashion and maintain up the results to date for you .