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Thread: Which pairs are you selling and why?

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    captured in the risk on risk off spiral.... Adverse swap.... And broad open risk...h


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    mcclellan summations on most index's , major and small here in the states, are and have been decreasing with most sittin currently dead on 0.... Overseas markets mcclellan summations are in negative territory for some time.... That is not a sign of confidence....

    Flight to safety comes to mind.... Regrettably, so does adverse swap...h

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    I enjoy selling pairs with swap; it pays me like a swing trader.


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    The pound is not secure and I will be selling it only or doing nothing with it those who doubt please read this article can't think how to refute it https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-...may-government

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    I've just completed my weekly screening and analysis of those pairs on my watch list. I will be looking to sell NZDJPY and USDJPY in the levels I will be watching. I will give my technical analysis about the USDJPY in the post.

    Trade safe and prosper.


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    I'll be searching for a chance to sell the USDJPY this week since though we might have a northward retracement, the technicals on the monthly and weekly time frames have been in support of a southward mood at the short to medium term.

    I shall look for a set up on the H4 time period following a northward pullback. Presently, on the H4 time period, price action is operating in an channel, which is technically a phase of a longer southward tendency on the H4 period period. The 38.2 Fib zone of the recent downward swing on the weekly timeframe is roughly 100 pips over current loion of price action and this might be attractive to bulls. In fact, the region is near the base of the instant S/R region, approximately 108.430; an area which price action recently traversed southward and which is open to some retest in order to flip the zone as resistance. If bulls take price action northward and also to this area, a turnaround out there will probably be an impetus for a southward momentum. That pullback is likely to give the entry for a trade that is sell to me.

    I might be incorrect. Trade safe and prosper.


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    Looking at selling NZDJPY
    to finish Right shoulder

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    I wear a couple of pending brief orders tonight. When they don't implement, no harm-no filthy. My favorite approach is accepting breakouts from consolidation or through support/resistance, etc. My philosophy is that when the price is going to go through all of the effort there's probably something behind it. To put it differently, it shows devotion.

    Sell CAD/JPY under Friday's low:

    And sell AUD/USD under Friday's low:

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    eurusd approaching a 50% retrace of it is last 1440 swing low.... That daily 50 fib corresponds to it is last 240 swing high.... Will be 9th period it's crossed this level this season....

    My thoughts are the 240 chart will loose it is steam within todays high along with the 61 daily fib.... Which is roughly 50 pips off.... The closer to the 61 fib the greater...h

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    The EURUSD is on my radar. My bias is to market the pair in a level that can give me an excellent R:R.


    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    eurusd approaching a 50% retrace of it's last 1440 swing reduced.... That daily 50 fib corresponds to it's last 240 swing top.... Will be 9th time it has crossed that amount this season.... My thoughts are the 240 chart will loose it's steam inside todays high along with the 61 daily fib.... Which is roughly 50 pips off.... The nearer to the 61 fib the better...h //----- picture picture

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