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    okay 1st trade
    4/14 7:30 EST.. Short at 199.48

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    hahah go figure. After that I had the placing in the SDL.
    I would have gotten into that trade if it had been set at the right parameters. Oh well go figure!

    ***It was that a couple of hours later I received my short signal pretty much around precisely the same cost. Just this time didnt need to endure that drawdown. ***

    End Result for trade 1
    Exit in 198.63
    Outcomes 85 for your week.

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    So after a few long hours studing the Slope Direction Line (SDL) I've decided that I'm going to incorperate this into my real trading. I am testing/tracking this on GBPJPY. I am trying to do this this is the ideal way to exchange.

    So SDL-MTF will include ....

    GBPJPY - Aggressive Trades
    4HR- SDL set at Period 10, Method 3, Price 0.
    1HR- SDL set at Period 7, Method 3, Price 0.
    30M- SDL set at Period 13, Method 3, Price 0.
    ATR- Value set at 14.

    GBPJPY - Conservative Trades
    Daily- SDL set at Period 10, Method 3, Price 0.
    4HR- SDL set at Period 7, Method 3, Price 0.
    1HR- SDL set at Period 13, Method 3, Price 0.
    ATR- Value set at 14.

    ***The goal of SDL-MTF is to ride the 4HR/Daily trend whilst picking up profits about the 1HR/4HR and banking profits on the 30M/1HR***

    For journal purposes I'll be trading the more aggresive of the two plans.
    As for TP and SL im not sure yet, thats why im testing this rather than live trading...

    I will post some graphs and explain the entries later on tonight, Im rather busy at the office.

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    The principles for the Initial Entry Trade (IET4) are fairly straight forward.
    For long positions the SDL must change from RED to BLUE. With that being said we have to await the candle. Once this is our entrance is confirmed by the start of a candle that is brand new. The SL is that the previous candles (Set-Up Candle's) low.

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    Its getting late and I want to get up early. Just finished watching the FLYERS beat the CAPS in double OT....

    Tomorrow I will discuss some ways to exit from the IET4 and Begin to describe the fundamentals of the 1HMT (1 Hour Medium Trade) and the 30MBPT (30M Banked Pips Trade)

    GO FLYERS!!!

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