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Thread: My Price Action with FIFO, PVSRA, TDI, Fib and EMA Indiors!

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    Monday 2018-05-21 23:31 EST

    Well, before going to bed, I believe that UJ remains Bearish. So, I put a net of Sell-Stop postions, evenly dispersed, so just one brief trade at one time following a RT-PB move, while I sleep. It's a Set-and-Forget set-up. Then the Sell-Stops will not be triggered if the trade goes against me.

    I personally have too many open transactions today, so just trying to keep my Margin% gt;150.

    Total of $7.05 following prices.

    GN Friends....

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    Tuesday, May 22, 2018 09:22 EST

    UJ 14.7 for so far now after tripping a Sell-Stop last night:

    My Margin% is too low at 106% since my outstanding brief trades possess high gaps. I hope for reversals to hit my Bearish Targets. If I do get a Margin Call, I am going to have to manually close a high-end old trade(s), to bring my loan a few 1 1/2 to twice the Margin or 150-200%.

    The lesson for me is I actually need to trade at the extreme Pivots Zones of 61-100% to maintain Equity large and Margin low, while trading less (greed variable ) before my account could tolerate any longer opened trades.


    PS: This were PATIENCE is required and I will take the time away from trading to research Forex Fundamentals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wednesday May 23, 2018 10:25 am EST


    UJ 199.5 out of 14.9 yesterday.

    Well, my UJ shorts using set-and-forget Sell-stops did strike all of my Targets:


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    Wed May 23, 2017 2122 EST

    Tonight's Set-And-Forget (SAF):

    Total was $13.37 today:

    Maybe I'll have a greater ch tomorrow along with My Own nets as spaced out SAF short trades with Great PA loion as per the PVT-Fib values.

    GN and Regards Friends,

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    Thursday, May 24, 2018 2130 EST

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