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Thread: My Price Action with FIFO, PVSRA, TDI, Fib and EMA Indiors!

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    I leave you with this old movie about gaming from one of the most important singers Kenny Rogers - It can associate to Forex if you don't stay with a egy when playing the Market Producers (MMs). These are found on with Forex Songs as keywords. Note, there are so many Forex Songs in Non-English singing which are so trendy but I made out as I could not make them out. But, Love the English songs:

    And these other songs too - But, they're some that are songs to offer their methods that I do not support. Only a little fun songs about Forex in different singing styles, which make some funny good things on trading Forex - but, just in a joking way:

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    Saturday March 10, 2018 0849 EST

    GM Friends,

    I'm doing just a small bit of training using Fx Blue - Trading Simulator V3. It's free in and an enjoyable way to check and practice your abilities while waiting for the market to open tomorrow afternoon:


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Results of analyzing the stability of the above mentioned currency pairs based on months employing Pivot-Voty indior that was put at monthly Pivot: Pair--Months EG 19 AU 8 UC 7 EN 5 EA 4 EC 4 If 4 is 1 regarded as the baseline for comparison of the above: EA,EC = 1.0, EN = 1.25, UC = 1.75, AU = 2.0 and EG = 4.75. In Conclusion: The currency pair which appear to be the best in order are EG gt;gt;gt;gt;gt; AU gt;gt; UC gt; EN, etc..
    Interesting, there seems to be NO predictions with nominal Pivots distances from Week-to-Week or from Month-to-Month. In fact, the whole reverse could be true. The only thing say the position from week-to-week or Month-to-Month should be within the 78 percent Fib or better to help secure your DD reduced 5%-10% or no more than 20% of your equity !

    My above work was not a waste of time as I had to prove this fact for myself. Ultimately, I'll follow 's favorite currencies on Page 1 on his own Pivot Trading ! I did examine Oanda's newest v2 platform and discovered it be marginally less Pivot-to-Pivot. I am testing this newer and quicker platform according to GMT 2 Demo. I my shift over from GMT-5 into the GMT 2

    Cheers my friends,

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    AC 34.4 Demo Oanda v2 - I'm using this Oanda V2 Demo account due to my high DD my Oanda Live account wit a Margin Level of 156.80 %. As you will see, I'm doing very well on this Demo over the last day:

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    Friday March 16, 2018 0843 EST

    GM Friends,

    All my short trades have consumed my DD as AC was OB for the previous 2 weeks. I just have to wait patiently before my Targets are hit with correction because my Margin % is low at 173.8%. In the meantime, I'll concentrate on studying the thread Pivot Trading by . By not trading is still trading by not over-trading and have a Margin Call and having to loss money manually shutting out o maintain a nice Margin % at least 150 percent or higher:

    Cheers and best of luck!

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    AC 177.8

    Well, despite it all, I was able to capture Pips using small lots having a downward anticipated momentum today:

    The gap is final going towards my earlier short trades. Let us see weekly what happens.

    Have a great week !

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    Monday March 19, 2018 1858 EST

    GU 90.3

    Pretty good moment. . .but still stuck with my AC brief trades. . . is crucial here:

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    Tuesday March 20, 2018 0937 EST

    GM Friends,

    UG 113.8

    I wish I could have Put some Stop-Sell last night during the LO.. .oh well !

    Here was the negative GBP News:

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