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Thread: My Price Action with FIFO, PVSRA, TDI, Fib and EMA Indiors!

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    Tue 2018-02-13 0843

    GM Friends,

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    116.6 EC:

    Following having to manually CL some 850 pips out of a large DD out of over-trading multiple pairs yesterday, now I'm back on track doing precisely the opposite with just taking the one greatest pair for me according to PVSRA-FIFO-GC and safer place using Fibonacci to protect against a large DD that I base on MEME plus a soft SL based on 5 -19 percent of my equity to maintain my Margin 200-250 percent gt; 200-259. I did not do this and dropped and as I did not take a safer place on the greater TF predied on a 61%-100 percent fib ( 's techiingue) before edging to the M1 TF utilizing CG's techniques to take my trades on just a single pair (as mentioned previously):
    Attached Image (click to expand)

    Live and learn !

    Thanks Lawgirl21, CG, et al !!!!!!!
    What Goes Up, Must Come Down. I. Newton

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    Thu 2018-02-15-0230

    GM Friends,

    First of all, my prayers go out into the 17 adolescents and teachers that died and many wounded, as well as, their families following the shooting spree at a South Florida USA high school by a prior student in he school.

    We actually need improved knowledge, understandings and respect of one another in this modern nuclear era, with numerous dying beneath the explanation of power and religions.

    Modern man began 180,000 decades ago and we still behave as barbarous beats. As stated by the F24 TV News by a reporter: It's estimated that 1 in 6 kids Worldwide are in battle area,,, and lots of place used a suicide bombers. There's no god or gods watching out - it's all a delusion to help control and reduce anxieties in people. The sole gog is the human goodwill to each other - that is the rational reality to the outset of peace and love ! Also, caring for each other unselfishly throughout our World! Many religions and prophets who teach peace and love throughout the World and we still we hard every other- so where's god or the gods? Nowhere ! Only a Delusion utilized as the Opium for the People based on some modern philosopher.

    Dr. John

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    LONDON OPEN - reaction w/o News, just a change in the Market and over lap with JPY ! I took just transactions that where c/w PVSRA and Fib Pivots of 61-100 with little lots 0.06 x TP= 2 Pips and risking on 5-10 percent of my entire equity to keep the Margin % gt; 150% to avoid a Margin Calls due to gt;gt;20 percent DD.

    12 AU:

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