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Thread: Not Too Active Trading, But Profitable

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    I have recently returned to marginally more busy trading, having turned a tiny account of100 to3,100 in the previous 18 months or so. I exchange spread-betting in the united kingdom, so leverage is different and I got a small bit of help there. I work a full time corporate day job, therefore will not be overly busy in exactly the exact same manner as most members here are, but I want to discover a venue where I could post some charts and thoughts, instead of only speaking to myself as within the last 1.5 decades.

    From the first days I learned almost everything I could discover that others were preaching under the sun. In the end, what is most (sometimes) helpful I find would be: lines (trendlines, median lines, channels), price action, and a price-time maths-based system that I adapted and changed from the Dilernia model. Frank Dilernia thread can be found by you. When I could remember to inspect something I dabbled with Gann, so it is only a way for some occasional fun, but it is not an way to trade and time consuming. I like the system the most because of my personality. I work with numbers and numbers give plogical comfort and security to me, while drawings are a bit vague and subjective, and often only obvious with hindsight.

    In FX I exchange only the majors, and very occasionally WTI and ES. Now to start with Euro. I think that the high is not yet in, it will still go higher to reach the surface of the channel, and that is to double the channel distance following last November's retest, and will also take out the highs of these two wicks I highlighted on the left. At the very short term, drawback might seek support at approximately 1.2170-1.2220.

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    1-yr and 3-yr range.

    A difficult issue for euro is it has reached its own 2018 1-yr and 3-yr range high (having broke from 2017 1-yr range high, prolonged to 2nd year), both nearly heavily overlapped with each other, at roughly 1.2360 - 1.2575. 2018-Q1's 3Q range high reaches 1.2316-1.2496. This is why it's been fighting and consolidating in the past couple of weeks.

    It will have to return over 1.2360 to open upside down path for the year, or minimum over 1.2316 to have further upside potential for Q2.

    From a chart pattern standpoint, tight consolidation in 2015 2016, and the breakout in 2017 using a back evaluation in Nov 2017 means the consolidation range will probably double. Energy from lengthy consolidations contributes to distance travelled after breakout. This converts to minimum 1.28 price goal and outside, possibly 1.31. Using Ackerman's hidden pivot to measure yearly also gives about 1.31. If accomplished, it would cover a number of this liquidity gap.

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    With a new month coming in, new levels are displayed on charts.

    Euro hit 3-m 50 percent and is showing some reactions. That level coincides a price action based support degree to the left.

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    Updating the euro chart. It bounced from March 3-m 50%, currently showing the indiion of breaking above 5-D range, which will lead to additional upside. This week's 3-week range high is at 1.2542, which is going to be the goal, though I believe euro can go much higher than that. Non-farm this coming.

    The bounce from 3-month 50 percent can also be a retest of breakout of 1-quarterly range, also scaling back into/above range high of 3-quarterly, 1-yearly and 3-yearly. All indiions point to additional at least.

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    Time for chart upgrade. Euro has risen near the end of 1st quarter. It's now back over range high and range 3-year and high range high. 3-year range high for 2018 is similar to range high.

    In a few days we will enter the 2nd quarter. If no major shock, as said in a previous article, euro is expected to be strong into the 2nd quarter. Likely into 2nd quarter's 3-Qtr range high.

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    Euro upgrade:

    Euro closed Q1 hanging just at it's Q1 3-qtrly range high, and well over Q2 3-Qtrly midpoint. Q2 mid-point is not much below for support, in addition to the range low. The high of this morning is that the midpoint, so it's likely the 3-weekly range low might be reached. That region also coincides with a few liquidity gap there which bar, on the left increasing from the low on 1/03/2018. And all swings are swings, therefore a triangle/4th wave of some kind is going on. Still bullish, but it's certainly taking its time to exfoliate around.

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    Cable seems more bullish than euro, which EUR/GBP appears to affirmed that. Or at least cable will be bullish at a way than euro. Q2 3-Qtrly high for Cable is 1.45 and with room for more.

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    USDJPY: bearish. Closed Q1 below 3-qtrly range low, most probably to carry on to Q2's 3-Qtrly range low, 103.49-102.30

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    Euro has reached its' 3-w low as per previous projection. Increasing above midpoint. There is a second month to go until the usually bearish seasonal midpoint of early May. So 1 month of time window for bullishness.

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    ES has more upside, but the important thing in the brief term is perhaps to find where the support might be. In February it bounced midpoint off. ES has some more sizeable correction and if that breaks, quarterly range low at 2506 - 2465 then 3-year midpoint, at about 2390-2400 are a good level. 1 note of caution though, it has already attained its 3-year range high of 2018. Therefore don't be foolish.

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