Hi, does anybody have/use a simple database to track their transactions?

I was going to start creating one to track:

-time daily
-currency pair
-position of price relative to certain indiors(MA's, Trendlines, etc.)
-kind of trade(I'm settling in on 10 or so specific trades I like
-images of trade(before and after shots)
-general info/thoughts on the trade

I spend 8-10 hours trading on top of my 9-5 job, following a few years I have learnt alot of exactly what does not work, and am settling in on some profitible egies I'm familiar with. I like to exchange many pairs in once but it leaves me a bit confused as to what precisely is working good and what could use some work.

Each month it would be very pleasant to get data on my trading on all of the above mentioned egories, but keeping track of reading or hand via trade logs is a small nightmare, and it does not offer you the particulars of these transactions that went wrong. A few years down the road it would be good to have easy access to this information.

Anyway, I was going to start producing this, I've only made 1 database before so I thought I would see whether there's something other people already use.

In case you don't know of anything, but have a suggestion for something which may be usefull, then by all means I'm open to some suggestions.