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    Closed all my shorts and open long seems that it will bounce back towards 15k following abcd pattern finished @h4 timeframe

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Aren't you the noob that makes up crap on a daily basis?

    When is bitcoin going to 500K???????????
    How is your bet in TRON? ... What about other cryptos you've recommended? ...

    You shed plenty of cash....
    Listen you liar. Don't confuse me with your mommy!!
    I stated $35-40000 this past year. Check your calendar, glasses etc.. .
    Was not one of the loser who offered at 5000??
    What TRON??? Sad liar ....
    I purchased bitcoin since $400-600-1000.... You can spell BITCOIN. yes I am sooo bad now

    We had a bet, last summer remember??? If preceding 10000 we proceed on a date....but.... You'll have to pay me a lot to go with you!!!!

    Get lost!

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote. . ... I receive the partial TP. . .and I do 10% also. . .but might as well buy.
    Buy for certain afrer January (credit card debt will crush everything from bitcoin to Apple).
    Green pips.
    Sure desire additional patience then buy when crybabies cry
    Here are few rather old articles....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Listen you liar. Don't confuse me with your This year, I said $ 35-40000. Check your calendar, eyeglasses etc.. . Was not you the loser who sold at 5000?? What TRON??? Sad liar .... I bought bitcoin since $400-600-1000.... Before you can spell BITCOIN. yes I am sooo poor today We had a wager, last summer recall??? If preceding 10000 we go on a date....but.... You'll have to pay me a lot to go with you!!!! Get lost! quote image picture...
    What ne are you on? Or have you ever missed?

    Don't recall selling at 5000, you making crap but I do recall selling at 20000. Did you do the NOOOOOOOOOOO because you thought it would reach 35-40K

    you're a HODL noob because you cannot trade. You've got lucky once and that is about it. You don't need brains to be lucky although noobs often mistake luck for intelligence.

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    Yeah guys. . You both have the maximum... omg...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Do not recall selling at 5000, you making up crap....

    ... but I.. Do not need brains...
    You need to buy brains!!! ;--RRB- :-o

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    {... Bitcoin is trying hard to remain over 3000 so how exactly is it going to reach 10,000? B.... and for these reasons it won't ever reach 10,000.
    Ronda, you're the shortest-memory, lying, brain-used-as-a-pin-holder.... Person. !!
    And I mean this with love!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Bitcoin v China
    China sees bitcoin since the biggest money laundering racket ever. Pullback or Crash? Trying hard to go over 5k
    . . .And previous post crying about $4000....
    So again liar.
    Maybe you didn't trade, not needing $$ or guts....

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I really do hold couple of bitcoin ...
    Warren Buffet calls me for information every Wednesday.
    I charge him $5000 and 3 .
    I keep the lemons for you
    And that was my next post.
    I kept the lemons for you darling to suck on.
    Nothing else
    Do not ask. Do not answer. Do not shout

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    I wonder if Bitcoin is where in the Trunk Using the Carillion mess

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    emphasise men. . You have the longest... omg....
    I have

    Anyway, apologies for your time-travel. ... that Ronda, the crybaby, caused with typical PMS.

    Now I am ignoring her for the next few weeks.

    Honestly, I don't care when bitcoin drops few thousand. Better place to buy, more gusto, with much more publicity.
    19000 was overbought as everybody and his dog knew.
    Since I admit , I am holder ,not trader.
    Good luck every way!!!

    Just patience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote now forming wave 4 Picture daily Picture just my opinion
    within daily demand zone... eyes wide open
    if the divergence plays out, Then 11475 will need to be Broken... till then bear rules

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    This is my current opinion. After finishing the ABCD pattern (yellow line), I will expect it to rebound into 14-15K. . Overall, nevertheless a downtrend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote tgt done and 1/2 tgt done also. . .looking in the next one which is 2nd tgt in 10,350 and final tgt in 9,580 not ruling out a little retrace too out of here. image
    btc hit 2nd tgt in 10,350. . .seems the final tgt is next at 9,580 after that a little range some time then the uptrend starts. Its almost time to go buy really inexpensive alts coins and shop cos while buy really expensive btc which can give just like 100-200 percent while alts coins can provide 2500%.
    Just my idea though.

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