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Thread: Bitcoin technical analysis

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Bitcoin Technical Analysis This thread is devoted to technical analysis of the various Bitcoin and crypto-currency pairs. My very own egy is Elliott Wave analysis combined with Fibonacci relationships in price action as a way of understanding previous action and predicting price behavior. But, analysis amd talks in this thread are not limited to these methods. With the overall newness of crypto-currencies and the total amount of hype surrounding these - and Bitcoin specifically - this thread will serve both as a knowledge...
    Great analysis! Fantastic job.

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    Time come to beat at 12000 and go up until 40000 in june

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    Bitcoin Elliott count since the low of 6.2. :

    Who has the right glass ball ?
    Is the Horizontal correction of wave ii a C or common Failure type ??

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    Hourly Bearish

    Strong support = 9 375

    Resistance (stop Missing) = 10 000

    MARCH 9th

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Time come to conquer 12000 and move up till possibly 40000 in june
    I might dampen your excitement...

    Perhaps 6000 first.

    Chart. . .12k or 6k. then upppp. Nasty stupid punters station....

    I don't advoe selling of course


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    Cryptos are highly volatile and the market is unregulated. Technical analysis can help you find trade thoughts but it cannot be used to forecast short term price movement reliably.

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    Ok actions is back. Simply put trendlines on daily. G20 dont want control crypto.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Ok actions is back, now to 11 000. Just put trendlines on daily. G20 dont want control crypto.
    BTCUSD remains quite a ways from 11k. It is at 8800. The trend remains down however a look on the daily shows it has been floating at the top half of that downtrend which does point to the risk that on a short term we are nearing oversold and some consolidation is most likely coming which stands a chance of pushing about 11k.

    Attached is your chart.

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    ?When I visit a bubble I rush into buy, adding fuel to the fire,? (soros)

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    Well completed m3rlin when was it when you purchased at 22 ?

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