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Thread: Bitcoin technical analysis

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    The Bitcoin chart with exactly the same time frame as in article #6269 from .
    I prefer the N%R indior that made Larry Willi to a millionaire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The Bitcoin chart with exactly the same time period as in article #6269 from . I favor theR indior that made Larry Willi. Sixer picture
    Hi sixer,

    Unsure exactly what a millionaire city-slicker indior is saying but judging by social mood and the growing bitterness against Bitcoin, even a return to $20k will shortly reunite under $10k. The bottom is below $ 2,000 in my opinion and the cost of mining production. As much as bitcoin speculators go too far to the upside down - when mood turns negative they have a tendency to over-sell. The bear is an irritable and damaging animal soul.

    When the mainstream media has stopped talking about Bitcoin along with your relatives have forgotten about it that'll be the base!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote RondaRousey, Why pee in the drinking water? We're all traders...
    You do not get it. Ronda is funny. (S)he's one of my favorites here in FF! :--RRB-

    Try to find the humorous part of RR's posts. There is a lot of it...:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    The Number fact is that bitcoin does not have any monopoly on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is free The bitcoin price is based on manipulation and the fool. It has nothing to do with its usefulness. The attraction of Bitcoin is that the manipulators promises the fools that they can be rich without working without being enterprising, without needing any eduion or being clever. You have been manipulated, if you own bitcoin.
    Yep they want become billionaire in a second, all they hope is LUCKY

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    The value is in the NETWORK people! Bitcoin is a network of trust. Sure you can create your own blockchain, but if nobody uses it, it's zero value... Bitcoin is still the biggest public ledger on the planet with the most significant and most stable transaction history. There are hundreds and hundreds of crypto's out there, but ching up with Bitcoin is hard as a result of it has first mover advantage and network effects.
    I think we may see Ethereum pass Bitcoin from 2020 due to network effects, since the ecosystem encompassing Ethereum is quite big and it'll be difficult for any additional coin to compete today.
    There can be better tech out there, possibly EOS or even Cardano, but Ethereum is already quite far ahead...
    Recall the TCP IP protocol won out from the internet battle, despite not being the best protocol available at the time. . .There are far more factors at playwith!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote You do not get it. Ronda is super funny. (S)he is one of my favorites here at FF! :--RRB- Try to see the part of the posts of RR. There's a lot of it...:--RRB-
    Is Ronda just a troll then? I would not mind, but personally, I don't find the posts really funny. I also fear that people may believe (S)he is serious and shed a lot of cash because of following advice. If I had listened over time, I mean, I would have sold all my crypto and lost out to a few large quantities of money. Even though it makes sense that her account is some type of troll/parody account- I thought she was serious!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Is Ronda only a troll then? ... Although it makes more sense that her account is some type of troll/parody account- I thought she was serious!
    Ronda always plays it safe. Announcing a position AFTER the movement is ALREADY there. Something from the past like potential? So, no worries.

    I think you should look at Life's funny side. It makes life simpler... It is good for me. My iq is just 75. It can work for everyone then... RRR! (RondaRousyRocks!)) :-)

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    Bubbles, I am out with this [email protected]@T.

    3% in two months, R/R it's not for me = finish. Too vola.

    Happy green.

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    Little coin likely to 11000. . And from there its future will reset. . .80% probability bearish move from that point. .

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