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Thread: Bitcoin technical analysis

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    thanks for your tips. I have no problem as most of the Elliotticians do, if I get opinions.
    My LT NDX count for tide IV is oriented at the LT DJI count and at the LT Delta count.

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    First off I want to say, I am not interested in buying Bitcoin at the moment. My interest lies in alt coins. But because its the kid on the block, and lots of coins are priced and traded in BTC, I believe you have to have an opinion on it. To me personally 5800 support. However, its also an area that has been promoted, and it seems there where a lot of folks seeking to buy this dip, did not feel like capitulation. At any rate, do not know whether it holds, it could. I favor entering the distance on a test of 3200 with the chance of trading down to 2200, which from my understanding is below the current price of mining. The similarities to the technology bubble are there but with one fundamental difference in my opinion. The world wide web is established. Like you did back then you're not likely to need to convince people to use it. Naturally, many of these coins/projects are without working products/appliions in their infancy, many. Who knows who is around in five decades, let alone who the leader is, however, that's part of the reason its risk, higher reward scenario.

  3. #213 the most (??) Important exchange briefly down, fine to push my TA, short, amounts 2k (btceur)...

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    IMHO, a break below 8159.2 will affirm this analysis

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    Quote Originally Posted by ; the maximum (??) Important exchange briefly down, nice to push my TA, short, levels 2k (btceur)...
    I have moved to Bitstamp, the approval process was fairly involved, but it looks like it is a necessary part of having a steady platform. So no difficulties with extended website maintenance and far very stable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    IMHO, a break below 8159.2 will confirm this analysis image
    Thanks for attempting to chart the way. I believe we have a couple more cycles to proceed before the technical analysis can transition. We have just passed USD8,800 and from the chart, if we violation USD9,200 we may well have the ability to confirm the low at USD6,000. Who knows perhaps the twins will be shown this season that is correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Thanks for trying to chart the way. I think we have a few cycles to proceed before the analysis can transition. We have passed USD8,800 and out of the chart, if we violation USD9,200 we may be able to confirm the low at USD6,000. Correct this year, who knows the twins will be proven.
    A break under 8159.2 will confirm this analysis hasn't occurred yet or did I miss something
    update: IMHO, a break under 8745.9 will confirm the beginning of the last leg south

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    I enjoy reading. Why crashes do as much damage this is, people attempt to call it after a new high has already been reached. Buy at $9k and see what happens.

    Guys, we have not had the death plunge yet. The market wont recover till it scares the shit out of everybody...

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    The Number fact is that bitcoin doesn't have any monopoly on blockchain technology.
    Blockchain technology is liberated
    The bitcoin price is based on manipulation and the bigger fool. It has nothing to do with its usefulness.
    Bitcoin's fascination is the manipulators asserts the fools they can be loaded without working hard, without being enterprising, without being clever or needing any eduion.

    If you have bitcoin you're manipulated.

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