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Thread: Bitcoin technical analysis

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    Which retracement level is accurate ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote My preference is for it to behave as the stock market following 2001, and as mgluso notes, an extremely wonderful bounce. It is the trading tool on the market - a USD600 rise in 30min! Let's ride.
    Mine additionally . BTW both bubbles were based as opposing to gold.
    Yes, the volatility. Hourly range can exceed the price at that started to buy bitcoin.
    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    These banks are not USA domestic only, thus we have yet to see the full effect. If you read the notifiions, the bans include all crypto currency exchanges and trading platforms.
    Yes, I know (only wanted to whine a bit). For me personally the only gate involving crypto and fiat is Coinbase. And they take bank transfer or debit card.

    But those banks issued that the at $7000 not at $19000. This is just the part of the effort of money.

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    Anyone heard from Venzen lately? My old friend has not been around for a while now. Likely made a lot of millions out of BC he is sunning himself somewhere)

    So many people here hoping to grab a falling chisel.

    This has been an exact replica of the technology bubble burst. You need to comprehend the difference between a correction and a crash. There is A correction precisely that. A pull back to a reasonable degree where buyers return (or sellers if short).

    This is a huge bubble which had to burst;

    12-12-18 - PA was moving far faster than revealed as well as also the count ended up a little different, but the outcome was the same;

    Subsequently came tide A;

    Once 'B' had finished, we capture the real deal;

    and current;

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    that the Elliott count of Bitcoin should begin 2010 to get a suitable picture of the price pattern for this particular inherent.

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    Long btceur, some transactions to TRY.

    Keep on hold.

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