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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I doubled my money on the wave just behind the primary wave. This is a wave that is no brainer to me. Easy to see and commerce. I believe for a bit of a gamble of bitcoin. Something can make it to crash. I stay out unless there is a installation. If price drops below $80 USD I may get back in. But for now . . I've discovered that price is respecting trap bars on the 4 hour chart.
    Welcome mikeinaa,

    check the forum rules and enjoy the thread!

    I concur with you about it respecting the technicals very well. It's kind of unusual how it functions on RSI and Stochastic extremes... I often do not think it will, but sure enough come the indiors/candles and Bitcoin reacts.

    I notice a lot of media talk of manipulation of the price but I don't find this: up to EW analysis goes - that the price action is textbook. Maybe because it isn't widely traded... there is no obvious connect to what the USD does: the USD strength induced by the Fed last night does not appear to impact the BTCUSD...

    You cite 4hr charts... which platform are you using?

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    PA has gradually edged across the base of this Fibonacci Fan TL. Assessing the wave formations today I detect that PA because late April seems ery much like a triangle for subwave b of tide B. Price could make yet another low (in wave ebook of this triangle) before breaking out to the upside in 5 waves. The strength of the structure of these waves and this thrust must give some clues regarding the intentions of PA.

    With that said, there is still the prospect of enormous downside. I haven't revealed that this on the chart, since it could look hystrionic!
    Present PA down from the label b (late May) could be the first 2 waves of a 5w wave C. Instead of the upward move labelled 2 rather than d along with c the structure that was 5w down would be labelled 1 inside this count. The chance of this count is bolstered by the fact that wave 2 (d on the chart)'d retraced 61.8% of wave 1 (c all on the chart). If this count is true we may see BTCUSD under $50 in strong sell-off!

    Yet, for now I'm sticking with the count shown in blue on the chart below.

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    Pin bar forming at 80 on the daily after a push down. Time to enter. On the Lookout for 120

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    Anything below 70/60/50 is a buying opportunity.
    Folks are currently dumping bitcoin becase of a movement failure into higher prices. I will keep happening.
    The lively is like this:
    Price drops.
    people buy.
    Folks hold for a while waiting for price to go up.
    IF it doesnt happen for a while, people will get fed up and ditch their holdings again.
    Price moves into a new low
    and repeat the identical process.

    It'll end when prices rally away from it. Then we can see some piick on quantity and volatily .
    I belive if prices move up again media will begin to pay attention (again) and more folks will gather in. #volatility

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    To me anything below 70/60/50 is a buying opportunity. ... It'll finish when prices rally away from it. Then we can see some piick up on volatily and volume . I belive if prices goes up again press will start to pay attention (again) and more people will gather in. #volatility
    Welcome Primadonna!

    Check the forum rules (my standard first answer).

    Interesting comments and good point about media attention. As @mineinaa also cites, we're entering a resistance region (potentially demand zone) below 70 and may have to see 50/55 tested as a prior non and 'psych' degree.

    Strange the way the press have failed to comment on the recent highs. I think when we start seeing articles about Bitcoin collapse and Bitcoin gloom in addition to names expressing negativity, then the contrarian buy signal will seem!

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    Hi Venzen

    Really interesting thread Actually
    Very instructive, Continue the Fantastic work
    (I am Fatima Rugatu, I also follow your threads there)


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Hello . But if you find these 'bitcoin demotivationals' and price is dropping then its becase dumb money is leaving the market, a fantastic buy opportunity. You'd like to exchange on the term its win, with dumb people.
    Deary me... that's so. . so heartless!

    Thank you for the headsup heartless as you can see from PA we are heading for another downtrend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi Venzen Really interesting thread really Very instructive, keep on the good work (I'm Fatima Rugatu, I also follow your threads) Cheers
    Hello Fatima! Great to see you here! Yes, I have been preoccupied with other transactions for the previous couple of months and my activity at Rugatu has been, well, zero. As mentioned, I shall email you!

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    Right, due to the banks we've got a good deal for our wavecount. TA this weekend is intense with everything happening following the FOMC non-event, therefore I must get busy with tasks in numerous charts. I am not going to discuss some analysis except to mention this: BTCUSD is going down in 3 waves and could reach the preceding lows from the 60s price range. Let's see what lows then update the count and publish. The bounce off the floor could send Bitcoin north to follow Gold along with the USD in the coming rates era.

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    I'm curious about the liquidity in this market and why anyone would trade it if there are liquid options out there (like national currencies)

    I can't imagine there is even a billion in daily turn within

    Although is not the basic assumption behind bitcoin is that it ought to appreciate over time because the coins become harder and more difficult to mine?

    Anyhow, I'm convinced the best way to exchange bitcoin is simply to look at the USDx.
    Still. . Not seeing the point

    Good luck with it! It might be a far bigger market daily.

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