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Thread: Bitcoin technical analysis

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm sorry but how did you get this goal? I have reason to believe that Bitcoin will never go below 4k the main reason behind this is cultists. There are people out there that do not care about TA and will never sell their Bitcoin, but buy any dip that they deem fair

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    Will never sell? Do not know but it doesn't mean it's not feasible. Additionally, large money do have to rush (I mean those who sold about 18000-20000), we can see bitcoin in a range for another couple years, until it will move up again (maybe but not 100%). And in my analysis I on TA. Let me give you one example , take a look on CITI set share price, I reckon it will never recover. Bitcoin similar not exactly but rather much yes, to stock share inventory stocks may have added listing, bitcoin looks like never. Sometimes its even worst than stocks dont buy anything, only an atmosphere. Im not going to dissuade anyone, just my IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote What garbage from a noob!! Bitcoin falling from 20k to below 10k is not a bear market????? Blockchain will not be substituted in the You don't have any notion Where did you learn that your instruction that is noob? quote Noobs like you follow other noobs and cover it afterwards Anyone been shorting cryptos since the beginning of the year??????????????????
    Hmm, seems like a very salty opinion from somebody who has missed out on what has and has been the largest financial opportunity of our lifetimes.
    I'll leave you to get get your shorts in position and I'll continue to keep my longs. I'll come back in a month or two and we will see who's doing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Btc (D) the news is that ... within the principal wave ... it might be the fifth person (@9189)(TP 21.4k) if the ... ... climb will be over 47 percent (to be confirmed) it is advisable to wait for the trendline break P.S. (see also post 104, Is Bitcoin about to wreck?) picture
    Btc (D)

    2 anomalies:

    I) the alpha of the energetic support of presumed fifth wave (1st of bull market) is ...
    ... lower than the third one

    ii) Rmi breaks through the 40% level
    (which will be support for a bull market)

    technically ...

    the incline (alpha) of those three UPwaves (1st=17 %,3rd=47 %,5th=42%) if ...
    ... increase progressively
    (the greater volatility would occur in the fifth part of tide)

    while at the RMI indior the 40% level consistently ...
    ... affirms the uptrend
    (60 percent is the resistance of the downtrend)

    it is always a ...
    ... point of view mine

    (the bearish fracture of January 16 is obvious ...
    (if I'm not wrong ...)
    of the ema34 ma50)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Why are people still talking about bears on btc if its already bottomed most probably . . .the bull side has itconsidering $15k initial. Retrace at 11,500 back then and to 10,500 to 15,000. . .the trend might have turned and don't get caught on the wrong side. 22k is next with this bull run maybe . Just my 2cents.
    So,it did the 11,500 very quick. . .let's view and hope you were not caught unaware. Retrace to 10,500 now or even a directly 15k maybe. Let's see.

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    The biggest Bitcoin corrections because 2011.

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    Good chart. Although determined by the exchange, some of us saw BTC go from 20,000 down to 9,000 or a approx. 55 percent correction.

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    What's it going to be. . Breakout to the upside down? Or to the downside ??

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