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Thread: Bitcoin technical analysis

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    Howdo you guys t rbitcoin and what's thebroker to utilize ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    howdo you men t rbitcoin and what is thebroker to use ?
    I have found Bx are the best for trading BTC -
    Though if you simply need to buy and hold, then I'd advise buying BTC on Gemini and transfer to a paper wallet/cold storage.

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    Fresh weakness on BTC now

    another evaluation of 10000 is looming

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    in case you have not been Shorting the crap out of cryptos than you have not been producing any bread.
    Primarily, this announcement sort of takes any authenticity from the posts and if you have a look at the chart is just an idiotic thing to say. You might have been long BTC anytime because the start and made a huge amount of money. . .The ONLY time you'd have made money shorting is last month, however I can't see it lasting long. Shorts will continue to have REKT on bitcoin.
    The tech is not going anywhere fast and the neighborhood is way too big for this to disappear immediately.
    I suggest you edue yourself to the core ideas behind bitcoin and also on 'network effects'. This may help you understand bitcoins spike to #6 currency in the world and it's going to be exceedingly difficult to stop BTC now...

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    I Am realizing that Ronda only comes on this forum spouting this when the market could go either way (prob retrace further)
    she does Exactly the same with gold (a Bit more Harshly)
    I wouldn't be Amazed to see BTC cover the gap @ 8300 along with the other ALTs come back as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am realizing that Ronda only comes onto this forum spouting this when the market could go either way (prob retrace further) she does the same with gold (a bit more aggressively) I wouldn't be amazed to see BTC cover the gap @ 8300 and the other ALTs return as well
    Sounds about right! Yeah, a lot of individuals appear to be calling for that 8k region, I will surely be a buyer in these levels and might fit crypto's cyclic pattern when we proceed down until around march before the next major rally.

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    Why are people still talking about bears on btc if its bottomed most likely . . .the bull side has it today,considering $15k initial. Possible retrace at 11,500 back to 10,500 after which to 15,000. . .the trend might have turned and don't get caught on the wrong side.
    22k is following on this bull run possibly .
    Just my 2cents.

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    I think there is some truth to Ronda's statement. The technology will get better, some coins will eat it some will soar.
    On the flip side, wall street is concerned, there is futures trading happening....some form of electronic currency is here to remain. My guess is that bitcoin will remain the foundation for it.
    Because of the volatility, I'm not minding trades on any of it. But I am considering the transaction facet of it. I have a half a litecoin, currently eating shit on it.
    If any of it will really take hold for transaction purposes, price will need to stabilize. Firms can't accept a payment and then have it shed twenty percent by the time they put it into fiat currency. My two pennies. Or .0000000002 bitcoin

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    This is out of a found on reddit...

    That is my 2nd warning in a collection of 5 warnings about how the futures mkt has changed CryptoCurrency.
    The next warning will be a diagram.
    20000 BTC -- mkt sell order can wreck the price of BTC to $100 on any exchange.
    BTC stocks CBOE - allow 20% reduction in price every day.
    CBOE includes a fixed settlement date.
    The Characters:
    Hedge Fund A -- Must control the mkt by betting BTC price goes down.
    Hedge Fund A's Buddies (7 of them) -- Much like hedge fund A.. . Betting BTC price goes down
    Hedge Fund B -- Thinks BTC will go up - goes long BTC stocks in good faith
    Hedge Fund B's Buddies -- Thinks BTC price will go up.
    Mkt Maker -- on the CBOE Exchange -- makes money by issuing buy futures and sell futures contracts using a gap in price... And nets together long/short contracts and hedges the remainder with bodily BTC so they can not lose money... only gain from the buy/sell spread.
    The Play
    Hedge Fund A and buddies...
    Each buy 2500 BTC -- a total of 20,000 BTC in a price of 250M USD As 7 buddies -- 20,000 BTC Long.
    Each take out 5,000 XBT futures contracts - brief.
    As 7 buddies 40,000 brief futures contracts
    Hedge Fund B: - Goes long stocks -- 5,000
    Hedge Fund B's buddies do the same. . As 7 -- 40000 BTC futures long
    Mkt Maker -- Has internet vulnerability:
    40,000 brief (opposite side to HF B Buddies).
    40,000 extended (opposite side to HF A Buddies).
    Is perfectly netted out.... Has made money out of the spread between the buy and sell contract. Does not have to hedge with almost any BTC.
    Hedge Fund B -- doesn't hedge any BTC... because this cancels out their opinion that BTC will grow.
    On each of the 5 days up to Futures Contract Maturity Date -- HF A Buddies sell... 20 percent of their bodily BTC... which crashes the price.
    On futures settlement date - price is lt; $100. HF A Buddies double their money. . Earning $250M involving them.
    Who loses? HF B Buddies... and the Jo Mainstreeters that bought BTC believing the price will go up... and had put stop limit sell orders - or had bought on margin and obtained liquidated.
    Plus all Alt coin buyers (since the altcoin price is connected to the BTC price).
    That is an obvious play people - which is triggered at any time on account of the BTC market being unregulated...
    We watched this to some small amount last week -- if BTC price fell 15-20 percent on each day running up to the settlement date. The BTC started to grow again the very hour after the BTC futures contract expired.
    That was a test... at a certain point, this drama will happen for real. Timed to coincide with another news post that can be conveniently blamed.
    Be conscious that BTC with futures contract is basically a ticking time-bomb -- and Wall street and high net worth individuals that have access to futures contracts may wreck the price on any future settlement that they choose....
    BTC Is not a SAFE shop of value
    Move your money into AltCoins.
    (Edit: - insert word AND): AND
    Stop running the robots which correlate the AltCoin Price to the BTC price.
    Govenments and authorities have spent millions of man hours installing regulations to make sure this can not happen for stocks, commodities, bonds etc.. Why now are we allowing this to happen to our CryptoCurrency?
    BTC with futures is now a tool for funnelling money from Main Street to Wall Street.

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