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you allow your inlaws visit?? LOL. Not me

do you remember which book it's in? Im interested in finding the quote now, because I might be recalling something which I didnt read. I'm rereading NMWs right now, perhaps I can run across it in there. .

Great debate.

That is a bit unrelated, but last night I had been considering how to make a mechanical system based on fundamental analysis. For instance, its incredibly simple to earn money with a system if you know what sort of market to anticipate. Some systems work well in bull markets, some in bear markets. What if you chose this fundamentals point to a dollar by the month's end. You'd take that fundamental analysis based decision, and execute your dollar bullish mechanical egy. In case the dollar ends up moving down, odds are you wouldnt enter transactions because your system could buy when prices are climbing. In the event that you were correct about the market management only about 60% of the time, this may increase yield.

You might wonder why a quant like myself is considering utilizing fundamental decisions for trading. Well I feel like I am calling market leadership fairly accurately. Not so nicely that I could trade blatant fundamentals, but I could enhance the yields of my mechanical systems.

I concur this occurs in many many markets. But I dont think it does in Forex. Thats one of the reasons I enjoy Forex so muchbetter. The market is just too big for any individual's bluff or faking to directly affect the price (other than the central banks). wouldnt you agree?
Just how niave. Choose any time of day west coast time. The Eur/USD market, since it's the quantity, and theoretically the toughest . You choose whether you would like it to go down or up for at least 5 pips and I will make it happen.