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    It seems we spreadbetters really are a minority at the Forex world and proberbly because not all countries allow it.

    I am sure there are members out there who have views on whether it's a viable method of speculating Forex or are we just throwing our money into a big hole.

    I'm by no means an expert but what I'm trying to do is create a place we we can meet up, bounce ideas off each other and perhaps get answers to the queries like:

    Who gives the best spread

    Who offers the most flexible coping methods (both phone Online)

    Platform stability (especially during news events)


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    Cool colors

    I completely agree with you about the comparrison, what I will say is I have discovered a lot people who worry about FX brokers only have themselves to blame and its generally about news time. At the end of the day they aren't in business we all have to play by their own rules so you just shop around till you discover a broker that matches.

    By the way I have been looking for any spread-betting brokers offering tracking stops and I havent found one yet.

    What I have found is a pretty great approach to exchange if you're away from your PC for lengthy periods. IG Index provide a free trading platform and MetaTrader provide a chart and trading platform for a one. They are usefull.

    The IG cellphone operates on Java phones and PDA along with the proverbial functions on just PDA. Here are a few photos as I have no clue how to get screen shots onto the PC.


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