Could someone please program something that really does the following...

First, it has to have two configurations... one for TRENDING MARKET and you for RANGING MARKET. Please note, the indior needs to have the ability to define which market it is in and automatically adjust itself.

Next, I would prefer that the indior to then tell me where the price is led for whatever time period I select. If I put it to 4 hour, then it will tell me price will probably be in 4 hours... if I put it to 30 mins, then 30 mins.

Additionally, it needs to give particulars... not just UP or DOWN but the specific price. Additionally... because I realize that not all indiors are accurate all the time, it must also provide the exact stoploss I want to input so that I do not lose anything... actually... on second consideration, the indior must know IN ADVANCE that it will be incorrect and just let me stay out of this trade.

Oh yeah... that the indior must realize if I'm using it improperly and alert me to this as well (by simply taking over my trades and delivering pips in my account).

I believe that about covers it... any takers?

Hey... it has been a rough week... but at least I have my comedy!