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Thread: joe chalhoub fx forecaster system

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    Heres my system I've been demoing. Check it out. First let me clarify with this indior. If you observe the entrance lines they are always the very first small

    histogram bar that appears below or above the middle point. above is a buy signal. Below is a sell signal. In case you look majority of the time these trades

    enter profit and usually big profit. Also on the leaves it is usually a small loss compared to the huge wins.I only trade on the 1 and 4 hour

    frames on this system. You leave clean pure price action reversal candles or you also depart when the histogram shows no longer blue bars and it

    turns into white . (I changed the histogram to gloomy in settings) too,when you examine the histogram and you're in a trade and it appears like the histogram is

    a tiny incline I usually get out break or a small win or loss. I think I got something. Been demoing it and so far so great. The indior

    is free its called joe chalhoub fx forecaster I use it on mt4. google it. It is free. Allow me to know what you guys think of the egy. Pay attention to the screen shot. Also

    this system needs you to be able to withstand large pip moves in unfavorable way, but if you look it usually always goes in profit.

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    First trade with live account, GBPCHF, 10 pips in 25 minutes. Still taking it conservatively. I look in RSI, MACD, MA cross and currency power.

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    heres the most recent eur/usd entrys from previous week. The profit potential is huge....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    heres the latest eur/usd entrys from a week. The profit potential is huge... picture

    Look in the PL

    Also who is joe chalhoub?

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    The indi relies on OSMA and moving averages, so I'm guessing it does not repaint.

    Anyhow, I'm testing it out..., looks promising.

    Thanks Philstodd

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    Just to be clear, what are the MA values?

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    You have it. any upgrades anyone sees with this indior to increase profits or limit losses will be great. Thus far the significant upside to this indior will be

    majority time it moves into profit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Sarcastic? Look at your PL Also who is joe chalhoub?
    I didnt take all those trades. I'm just showing some instruction charts. Also I started using the demo account with 50k. Up to 60k and that was severely just a

    few trades. I havn't been trading everyday to it because I work a regular job. (long hours). . .as for now. . .10k profit

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    Hi there,
    indior appears very interesting and I'm going to give it a go
    Anyone know how to change the colors in the indior ?
    (Would rather like blue or green to get buy and crimson or similar for sell)


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