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    Employ a data analyst. Teach them to do what you do. Pay them a salary. Quit trading. Go do whatever you desire. Delegate and handle, near or far, far away. It's all on the Net. Maintain your signal and make the world a playground.

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    Well, it has never been only about making money! Sounds like you think youve already made it, but got bored and need something different. Learning making money and how to exchange is the start of a very long proccess of discovering the world and your place within it. The entire notion of investing (at least in my point of view) is connected to that something different that you desire. To reach for different things in life and open several doors that remain closed that dont have cashtime. In reality the things you need - health, most importantly, then time and 3rd is cash. You are able to convert cash. If you've got all those things, the rest will come from your creativity. Learn your classes, discover your cause, it ought not be trading. Do not ask us what we think, it doesn't matter.

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    There are lots of options. You could donate some time and maybe money to some charity. The world can travel and see, maybe even trading as you go. You can take some of your profits and start up a company bricks and mortar or on the internet. Catch up with friends and/or family members you have not seen in a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote I'm very astonished at how low men can go to attempt to prove their dubious worth to women... both metaphorically and literally... Jog on, sod!
    Lol... Kosmo, seems a lot of Victoria on your head? )

    Anyway.... Have a trip, it's a cure for other things but also not only boredom. And should you chance to passby this component of the world... we can sit over a coffee and I could bore you even more with my own pseudo intellectual conversations!

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