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Thread: Will retail forex end soon?

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    quote Alright, Darwin, if those Euro garbage axxh0les will produce the FX hopeless for the retail folks, I swear to God I'll stop on integrity, paying taxes, being honest, nation, Europe, everything and proceed with China brokers! China, Middle East, or Russia are intelligent enough to reside some available for the men and women that are talented. Fk Are we becoming into the big sharks ?! in the way Are they greedy and stupid to think we are snatching cookies from their pokets and that is going to unbalance the entire Universe?! Fk them! ...
    It's not western crap, its globalism/big government crap.

    The goal of big government is to produce as much law that everybody who doesn't work for the government is poor and gets fed from the government, therefore the only thing which must exist is the government.

    China has flourished over the past couple of decades since they adopt free markets*/western notions (I set an astric since China is quite corrupt and isn't always a really free market, but they have more free market characteristics than people do in certain regions) like low tax rates/less regulations.

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    Another thing I want to say on this topic.

    If you think speculation will really be taken out of the market, you have zero clue how markets operate.

    Speculators big and little are a key player in any market because they offer desperately needed liquidity to stabilize market prices and make them more effective (efficiency is great).

    Without speculators, market prices would be so volatile and risky it would be extremely difficult for any normal business to use them at a non-speculative manner (mitigating risk, paying workers, locking down prices of resources in the long run, etc.), that would also then make businesses themselves very unstable because the prices of goods and services would be constantly changing with enormous swings since there is no way to hedge their risk, and the price of tle would be moving just like Bitcoin. It would be like McDonald's burgers costing $1.00 one day, and $13.50 another, then back to $1.50 the following day, etc..


    They want us more than we want them...

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    What are your opinions? Do you think retail Foreign Exchange is going to end soon in the USA? I know regulators are the driving variable, the last major regulation change was December of 2016 from what I find. So 1 year with no shift. I really do see a new broker coming back into the USA too. So I. Stocks will be around indefinitely, its a major economical indior of economy wellbeing and helps companies grow and develope and its kept in the USA, where as Foreign Exchange is international so more difficult to control that is why I wonder how long...
    No. I don't think so. It is not likely to finish. Yes there will be correction in regulations and rules. But closed down to retail traders isn't likely to take place. Brokers, associations are making money with retail traders.

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