Ok here it is. My understanding is or was that when the NonFarm Payroll out there's a lot of motion and that there was. Yet this is where I get confused. Everything I read made me think that the NonFarm Payroll was going to come in considerably higher that anticipated, around 300K. So this could make the Dollar appear in value in comparison with the currencies traded against it. Now in case the NonFarm Payroll comes in reduced then that what was anticipated the Dollar would tank in comparision to the currencies exchanged against it. The Expectation or consences was 275k but that I found on places 240k. The NonFarm Payroll arrived at 193K what is way under anticipation. So with my understanding the Dollar should have gone down in value in comparision to the currencies exchanged against it. Nevertheless it didn't it went up in value. I would have shorted the dollar but did not since I slept through my alarm good thing for me. Can some help me and explain where I an wrong in my thinking?????????