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    Sorted - I ought to have realised. Thanks. , I'll be using it.

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    Hi All,

    I decided to open the ol' Tepeak server once more. Trade to your points w/ reside VOIP!!!!!!

    You will need the windows Tepeak customer to join in the fun, You can get it

    The servers IP Address is
    Just Choose a nick and join.

    There is not any password!
    Look Forward to seeing you all there!


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hi All,

    I decided to open the ol' Tepeak host once again. Trade to your Napi points w/ reside VOIP!!!!!!

    You'll want the windows Tepeak customer to join in the fun, You can get it here

    The servers IP Address is
    Just Select a nick and join.

    There's not any password!
    Look Forward to seeing you all there!

    Hey Mr.,
    Thanks for opening that back up. That adds a lot of value.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey Snap,
    Thanks for opening up that back. That adds a lot of value to the napstex service.
    aint no thang babe

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    I know girdle isn't enough where I want to see this project go but we want developers, I really do have some programming experience but its somewhat limited. Chime in, so if you would like to help!

    We want an mt4 developer, to write a module which will pick up on alltrading activity except personal data and lot sizes, simply have to know what pair, direction, SL TP, thats pretty much it.

    I would like to convert this into a web appliion to eliminate the requirement to install appliions, I can manage a number of this but hosting is a problem I can host on my polar home shell but bandwidth will be a problem since there are many shell users currently using source intensive tasks. Merlin?? I know you expressed interest in this earlier on and girdle had difficulties.

    now we're also using tepeak but its just snap and me in there, a few people log in for a moment say hello a few times and leave, you all need to see that the system currently is futile if you do not stay logged in, you do not get any benifit nor does anybody else.

    Anyways I would like to have everything integrated into a single web app. To utilize voice, IRC chat(may want to host another server right now its about a french server)in addition to statistical stuff.

    If you like this job and want to see it last please provide support and help build it up to its potential.

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    I am aware of hardly any items which have been successfully revived: Jesus, the Rubik's cube, and (most recently) polo shirts with all the flipped-up collar. But I still feel as if behind producing Napstex the reason is as strong as ever, so I am gonna try it anyhow.

    To begin with, for all those who don't want to read this whole thread, let's bring a number of you new folks up to speed. Napstex's objective would be to supply trading communiion between Forex Traders. I#8217;m not talking about the huge dogs with crazy amounts of cash I # 8217; m talking about us fish, to fling about. The ones with a couple thousand dollars to our name but still want to create a splash. Napstex provides this communiion by enabling traders an window, a grid to input and see current trading action, an Open Orders by User list in addition to a Channel History perspective. Traders are grouped into #8220;Channels#8221; based upon their own trading egy, thus keeping like-minded traders lumped together (Scalpers, Position, etc.) You can also configure email or desktop alerts, so that you may know when a certain proportion of other traders ' are leaning in precisely the same direction in a particular currency. Additionally, Multiple skins are accessible #8211; nothing overly fancy or arty. However, You can choose between Full Mode, Chat Mode or Grid Mode. And they can each be set to #8220;Always Be On Top. #8221; maybe not a massive improvement, but rather nice.

    #8220;Wow! This is a great idea! #8221; you may be thinking. #8220 didn#8217;t this job the very first time? #8221; Great monitoring and question that is superb. Let#8217;s jump into it didn#8217;t function before, and exactly what I did to resolve those difficulties. The users needed to enter their trades - once in their trading platform and again into Napstex. Traders are lazy, that#8217;s we exchange! Who wants to enter their things twice? To help solve this I have added for automatic integration using MetaTrader. The Napstex setup will create an Expert Advisor, by maintaining this EA working on just one of your charts in MT all your trading activity will be written to a file. It will automatically detect that the document has been altered and mimic your trades. Obviously of clicking a cell in the 11, the way functions, however it # 8217; s required. The IRC Chat window has been quirky #8211; some users saw a box. This was because I was being lazy and trying to reuse an present java based IRC client. For this release I have integrated IRC Chat which appears to function very well. It serves the purpose of allowing conversation, although as some people like it # 8217; s less functionally rich. It was8230;. . soooooo#8230;. . slooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww#8230;#8230;. . #8211; This newest version employs the greatly-simplified asynchronous web method calls offered by .NET 2.0. Unless you#8217;re a .NET nerd, don#8217;t ask me any questions about this one. Take my word for it. This is what I'd like to see. I want to staying logged in to Napstex for the next 30 days, 50 people to commit. In case it assists us , then great, let # 8217; s get others on board and keep using it. If not, I#8217;ll go right ahead and let the domain name expire in a few months.

    And of course, Napstex is completely free. I wouldn#8217. Particular thanks to Dracozny and SnapCracklePip for being my QA department. They 8217; ll be in a position to help if I # 8217; m In case you have any queries.

    As always, shoot me emails at or based on the nature of your query. I do my best to answer.

    Oh, I nearly forgot to say: the setup file is available on Whoops!

    Good trading,

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    Been a programmer, I understand its a fantastic program and nicely done.

    But people don't enter it for most reason ( And this is just a notion )
    - It is not automated ( we must tell people exactly what we do )
    -- It will happen to be a better effect if it was integreted usingforexintuitive(Ajax version instead) or using MT4 EA or script (Librairie that send throws Internet service by exemple).
    -- lets say a custum indior which go and get information in central DB to acquire the Buy and Sell for the current currency. (100 buyer, 50 vendor, avg 1,2500, etc.. .)
    - You need experience trader to attract others.
    -- You want to use program what Profesionnal use(Trade Forex for living).

    - As well as the app should have this little thing that everyone is searching for...

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