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    Hey all,

    lt;ogt; lt;/ogt;
    As a computer programmer I spend my evenings and weekends performing exactly as one may expect: writing computer progr. I feel that my latest project may have the ability to help all of us as a community.

    Lt;ogt; lt;/ogt;One day back in March I had been reading through the Journal Factory Forum. I read ”My Trades by Dave”, ”Tim's Journal”, ”Jeff's Trades”, etc.. And then it struck me: I want to see Dave's, Tim's and Jeff's trading activity all in 1 place! Not spread all over separate pages! I want to have the ability to find THOUSANDS of traders' activity all in 1 place! And therefore my latest project was born: FX Trading Stats (FXTS.)

    Lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;The idea was straightforward. Provide an simple to use appliion for traders to publish their trading activity to the community in addition to see the trading activity of the collective community. I will break it straightforward. The program runs in your system tray (down by the clock on your personal computer ) with an icon that resembles a tiny blue globe. When you click the icon you will see a grid displaying the following columns:
    Currency (8 different currency pairs are currently supported) Invested Users (How manyforexintuitiveusers who currently have open orders in that currency pair.) Long (The number and percentage of users who are Extended in that currency pair.) Short (The number and percentage of users who are Short in that currency pair.) Close (Shows no data. Click it once you shut a situation.) *** See Figure 1***

    You will notice that in Figure 1 some of the cells are colored blue. Those cells which positions you currently have open. When I took that screen shot (figure 1) I had been brief in USD/JPY, and shut in each other currency pair. You can also see in the screen shot that there is another user (my test account) that is currently long in USD/JPY, long in EUR/USD and brief in lt;st1:stocktickergt;GBPlt;/st1:stocktickergt;/USD.

    To enroll your trading activity you merely click the right cell in the grid.

    Can I select which currency pairs I want to view?lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;

    Of course you can (or I wouldn't have introduced the question!) By right-clicking the grid you are able to perform several actions, among which is picking the currency pairs you want to look at. There are currently 8 different currency pairs supported. They're:
    EUR/USD USD/JPY lt;st1:stocktickergt;GBPlt;/st1:stocktickergt;/USD USD/CHF EUR/lt;st1:stocktickergt;GBPlt;/st1:stocktickergt; EUR/JPY lt;st1:stocktickergt;AUDlt;/st1:stocktickergt USD USD/CAD *** See Figure 2***

    lt;ogt; lt;/ogt;Can I configure alarms on my desktop computer or via email?lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;

    Yes you can. By right clicking on the grid and choosing”Alerts” you can configure alerting by currency pair. So, for instance, let us say you wanted to find an email and/or have a box at least 80 percent of them have been in agreement in place and when at least 100 users have been invested in EUR/USD. You'd just right click on the grid, choose”Alerts”, click EUR/USD from the drop down box, set”Percentage of Investors” to 80, and Minimum Investors to 100. Then just check the”Active” box and save your changes.

    Lt;ogt; lt;/ogt; *** See Figure 3***

    lt;ogt; lt;/ogt;Can I track only the trading activity of certain users? Notably users who are using my same trading egy?lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;

    I created Channels to accomplish this. Currently there are 3 channels. They are:lt;ogt;
    Scalpers News Release Traders Vegas Style Traders Lt;ogt;lt;/ogt;I anticipate with a lot more of these later on, but these three have to get us started. Please post back here with any suggestions for further channels. When you join a channel you are effectively saying”I only want to find the trading activity of different users who are in this channel. I also only want to get alerts based on the trading activity of this station.”

    While the General Area is recorded as a station, it's not really a station. All trading activity is displayed to the General Area regardless if the user is a member of a station or not.

    And that pretty much wraps it up. I paid off the $8 for a domain name so you would have somewhere to go and get the item. You may get it at

    So give me your comments, is this something that may help us? Do you guys believe we could benefit from this project? I welcome your comments and questions.

    Thanks and good trading!


    lt;ogt; lt;/ogt;

    lt;ogt; lt;/ogt;

    lt;ogt; lt;/ogt;

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    For those who were with the project and also have seen the normal problems in the irc chat the napstex bot has caused I have since removed it out of existence, I haven't had the opportunity to keep it in check so to speak and when the server hickups it caused the bot to have problems forcing exactly what few users we had from this station.
    I give my sincierest appologies and hope that no permanent harm resulted.

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    Some of you might have noticed that the Napstex service has been down for the past several days. While working on some sites over the weekend, so I apologize for that, I must have accidently deleted any assemblies in the server.

    I've reuploaded the lost assemblies and all should be working well today. Napstex off!


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    Have you considered telling Futures magazine about Napstex? They write an article about it, and might find your project interested.

    I'd think that would boost the user base.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ;

    Have you considered telling Futures magazine about Napstex? They write an article about it, and might find your project curious.

    I would think that that would raise the user base.

    No, I had not thought of this. I have been racking my brain recently trying to think of a new way to find out the word, perhaps I'll try this. Thanks!

    Any other ideas?

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    Submit the software to and

    Additionally.... Perhaps place in the header of your HTML to ensure google and others will pick up this.

    Lt;META KEYWORDS=freeware, shareware, forex, trading, media, client/servergt;
    META KEYWORDS = forex, trading, shareware, commodoties, networking, client server, etc.. etc..

    I don't know the exact syntax.


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    This is cool. .
    You should have this audio communiion item. .

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    I am currently logged in and will probably be for another six hours. I am double clicking EURUSD to enter the trade posted everywhere but nothing happens although I am on the grid tab. Obiey is also online at this time.

    Am I missing something here? Any help from anyone if girdle66 is not around will be appreciated. Just, how do enter a trade?


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    !!!!! Anyone!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I am currently logged in and will probably be for the next six hours. I am double clicking EURUSD to enter the trade posted elsewhere but nothing occurs although I am on the grid tab. Obiey is online at this time.

    Am I missing something here? Any help from anybody if girdle66 is not will be appreciated. Just do enter a transaction?


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    To start a commerce click the cell . For example, if you want to go long on EUR/USD click in the EUR/USD row the cell in the column. A small window should appear for you to specify SL/TP.

    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    I'm currently logged in and will probably be for another six hours. I am clicking EURUSD to put in the trade posted elsewhere * but nothing occurs although I'm on the grid . Obiey is also online at this time.

    Am I overlooking something here? Any help from anybody if is not around will be appreciated. How do enter a transaction?


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