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Thread: I cant get rid of my bad trading habits...

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    Among the reasons exist is that every one of these is associated with the way your natural trends and the way you have been since birth. Many men and women make terrible traders simply because their emotional frailties, which are rarely exposed in ordinary day to day life, are ruthlessly and subjected in a trading scenario in which cool, decisive decisions need to be made. All successful traders have confronted and overcome those weaknesses, usually after years of fruion and pain, and they've learned to become and think like traders need to because it is the only road to success.

    This implies that if you are sabotaging your trading the way many traders do, then you've got to shed the skin of fallibility most of us start out together, and become the person you want to be to trade the markets. This doesn't come quickly or easily you cannot like tell yourself at the evening that you will be disciplined and expect it to occur, because it won't. Essentially, your genetic make up has to be re-wired to think as a trader believes, and it is a procedure. So long as you keep working towards it, and realize this, it will come. Speak to some trader, and I promise they'll say more or less the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    quote Actually, my wall is empty and white and this would be a fantastic idea to write my bad habits AND to put some screenshots that I print onto the wall. I think that sounds fantastic, thanks!
    You are welcome, I hope it will help. It helped me when I was a newbie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;
    Hey traders, I have been trading with some bad habits that I am aware of. I say not to replie it and once I'm facing my screen and going to enter, exit or manage a trade, I forget about my bad habit and mistakes until they occur. Often times, when I realize them as they occur, I can't tell my mind. I keep telling myself that THIS was the last time once I lay down in bed, preparing for trading the next day, it will not occur. And guess what happens the next day...
    1)If you will visualize all anticipated moves in your mind ahead, it will be far more easier to respond it. You should have answers before questions, not vice versa. After break at try to select time to keep moving, don't hurry. You don't need to be first, only coming to complete is OK. Accept it like price will strike you out without profit. It's OK. Let it move. The market was there before you came to this business, so why not worry then all possible moves which you might have caught?))
    Vary your choices about shing your stop according to Time (candle sticks). . After several trades you will find.

    2) Its all about your moved SL. You should make a rule for yourself that SL has just way: to your own favor. The issue comes not when you are vanished from the position, when you were able to profit because of riding you SL up and down. You see that one time that is blessed makes you think that it's OK to proceed SL, that you continue to be in your profitable place. Guess what? : Miracle occurs! Be concrete in your conclusions and never allow your self to swerve out you from the course!

    3) After I have that problem, my immediate reply: Why not worry then for all missed chances before you get in contact with Markets? Opportunity did not leave you it took holiday. Cause of your jump in might have ended with reduction. You can loose your chance, but not loose your perspective! That is the habit which will lead you to profitunity, my friend.
    4) Train to forgive yourself. It's something replaceable. It's just money. Your act like that will not alter the market behavior. It's not gonna like this;
    Market: Oh my gosh! , Sorry guy, I hadn't known you knew it. Let me to backward, then try again
    Or you wanna kiss the woman you just got recognizable, she intimidates. As much as you push she slaps and run away. You may tell yourself I knew it! All day long, but you are aware that it won't work out.
    BE WATER! (Bruce Lee)

    To sum up I will advice to practice how to respond to bad habits as soon as it arrives in your mind. Until you may do it automatically like crossing the road right way, not like jaywalker. You need to have clues in your thoughts in which state your temper can not be bothered by it. Simply type down your issues as questions and right answers which will not hurt your behavior, mood, etc.. during the cases. Then practice that setup in your thoughts for 30 min, 21 day. Lay on relaxed couch or chair, close your eyes and envision that scene occurring and you are acting right way.Pay focus on the details. Don't do that with much effort. You need to want to do that, not like be obliged for that. .

    You make mistakes, mistakes don't make you. (M.Moltz)

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    Thing which helped me get pass this would be to trade only 0.01 lot and become used to emotions. Try analyzing string of emotions and events that cause activities that are negative and just you know you is bad. Remember - you can not be always correct and I do not know about you but I trade without indiors, if you've got good comprehension of price action and how indior works you can know precisely where it is gont be by looking at chart because they irritate your mind.

    Do not panic when trade is contrary to you. Let the transaction. Forex is more fundamental than technical, opposite of what brokers and teachers want to induce you to trust.

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    Do you code bro?

    You will never eradie these bad habits. This isn#8217;t some trial and test of of personality, there isn#8217;t a rubicon to cross for one to suddenly become enlightened. There#8217;s only 1 solution; automate. And if your isn#8217;t good enough to automate using MQL or Python, then you don#8217;t have a , you#8217;re only knee jerk imagining and will continue to do so until a light finally moves on.

    Let me ask you, when does it stop? Suggest a situation in the future once you won#8217;t be huddled over your ten year old laptop, desperately hoping to stare price up or down. Is that the existence you envisioned when you first discovered retail FX gaming? Bent over your laptop for hours on end, hoping to make a crust?

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    I've been struggling with the very same problems for long time.

    But... Let us test it.

    I am brief GBP/JPY in 151.645 target is 151.050

    two things will happen.
    1. Simply take the profit early, price will visit my target and beyond.
    2. Wait til my target, price will reverse to get a loss.

    My decision is.... Let's not wait for my target and tamper with TP.
    Let see what this MOFO will do.

    I will keep you updated. Let see what happens.

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    You all don't need to change so many habbits, it is that if you entered the transaction, set sl and tp and enjoy your life out and you need to change the one. It will be entertaining when you'll back house and open the trading software and see that you hit the tp or even sl

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    Set your Principles and put a Commerce, once they come and CLOSE THE MT4 TURN OFF THE COMPUTER AND MOVE ON. That way you can't interfere with your rules and learn the way to be disciplined

    OR Quite simply:

    Man, you aren't a 5 years old child, stick to the egy !! No consistency = no results


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    I've read through the answers of everyone and each and I thank you. Many. While most of the answers have many things some replies are authentic and will help me improving my situation.

    Thank you all! I have guides in order to begin improving.

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